Prepping For the Big Time

Fridays, how I loath you.  Had to drive home in a haze of mental feebleness that found me almost nodding off at the wheel a couple of times.  Believe me, that’s not something you want to do when you’ll blowing down the interstate at 80 mph.   But I made it home, I struggled to stay away, I felt sick, I felt crazy . . .

I felt like I had a lot of editing to do.

It was necessary to get Couples Dance ready to send out, and I went through the two chapters that required editing, Eight and Ten, and brought them up to a presentable speed.  Keep in mind, there was almost ten thousand words there that needed fixing, and I probably spent a good four or five hours going through those two chapters.  It was some crazy time writing, let me tell you, and I wasn’t sure if, with my head threatening to drop into my lap at any moment, that I should be ripping through so many words.

You might say I was inspired to get the document in better shape.  I know there are part of the novel that are probably a little wonky, but the publisher knows this isn’t quite the final draft–there is that caveat going for me.  Regardless how this matter goes, there will be a final edit.

But the fact they want to see the rest of the manuscript–always a good sign.  And to be honest, the parts that I added to the story, particularly Chapter Eight, will help crank up the weirdness factor they may be looking for.  We will see, I suppose.  Might take a week, or two, or three, but before June is over, I’ll either have a contract or a rejection.  Either is good, because it shows that I’m trying.  I’m submitting.  And if all you do is write and keep it to yourself, then you’re doing it wrong.

Get that stuff out there, kids.  You’ll feel better in the long run.

So manuscript goes out about 10 PM–what to do after that?  Write some more, naturally.

I didn’t want anymore editing–sorry, Jeannette–so I pulled up Diners at the Memory’s End, and launched into Part Three.  I didn’t thing I was going to get a lot done, because by this time my head was dropping into my lap, but I at least wanted to open up with a little on how Albert’s first day in class went.  It also gave me a chance to figure out some of the thing that might happen when it comes to a professor/student interface, and how assignments will be passed out . . . ah, it wasn’t always easy, but it was done.

The thing that was probably the biggest deal for me was renaming a pub.  Yeah, I’m like that.  So the part ended, 666 words later, with Albert sitting in a place named “The Lusty Librarian”, getting ready to reflect upon something.

This should be fun.

A lot of writing this past week, and a lot coming up.  I have something I need to do this weekend, and will likely get to it tonight, and I need to do a quick check on Part Two of Diners before handing it off to Cathy Brockman’s blog . . . jeez, this writing thing, it’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

You’d think it’s almost like a job!