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Meant to be Read at Maximum Insanity

Why do I believe this weekend is going crazy?

Sunday was pretty nuts in terms of keeping busy, though I suppose the term “keeping busy” doesn’t really express the real feelings behind what yesterday was like–

Try “Burning that candle down until I needed a third end.”  Yeah, that’s how it was going for me.

I’m not complaining, but I did find myself falling behind a little yesterday.  Today, after I do this point, I need to put up another guest post.  I’ve already put up another post for Monday, and it’s 4:50 AM this very moment.  It’s going to be a three-for day today, and I haven’t even gotten into my stories.  Write, sucker, write!

I didn’t get a lot of editing in yesterday, but I did manage to add almost a thousand words to Part Three of Diner’s at the Memory’s End, and I have to say, while it took me longer than I expected, I had fun putting that part together.  There were three paragraphs that I put together that benefited from me designing the solar system that my female character, Meredith Llywelyn, calls home.  That’s it–well, four paragraphs is you count the follow-up line that Albert speaks:


He smiled up at her. “K-Class star.”


Yeah, he knows how to be smooth with the ladies, doesn’t he?

I’m maybe two-thirds of the way through Part Three, and I’m already sitting at 5,143 words for Diners.  I have the story target in Scrivener set at 15,000 words, but I know that scale is going to slide.  I might go ahead and move it to 20,000 . . . there we go.  All better now.

To be honest I don’t remember how long the original story was.  I’m certain it was over twenty five thousand words, and may have been closer to thirty.  I know Diners is going to be long, because–well, it’s me.  That’s what I do.  I tell a story, and it takes however many words it takes to get it told.

But I can already tell, the feel of the story is already different.  In the original story, Albert was more panicked and neurotic; Meredith was a lot more desperate, and didn’t seem to have much of a personality; Cytheria was, as always, cool and distant, and came across as not giving much of a shit if her flatmate did things with other women . . .

That’s all changed, because my characters were change the moment I finished Transporting, which is really something of a lead in for Diners.  There is a comment in Part Two of Diners (now up at Storytime Trysts!) about how Albert died twice saving people, and that comes from things he did in Transporting.  So now, while he is worried about what he’s getting himself into, class-wise, he’s not as crazy as before.  Meredith isn’t a totally conniving women, but rather comes to her conclusions after a series of events show her that Albert has something valuable that she desires.  Cytheria . . . well, Ms. Cool and Collected will only go so far in this story, before she reaches an understanding that not only can’t she ignore an event that happens, but she’s extremely pissed off about it.

That’s called evolution of the character.  And it’s brought about by the evolution of the writer.

I know where the story will end, but getting there is going to be very interesting.  And a lot of fun.  With Her Demonic Majesty almost finished–just two chapters and a query letter to go–I’ll be able to concentrate on Diners and likely finished it by the end of June.  I’ll be excerpting the first half of it on another blog for others to read, and maybe . . . maybe that’ll generate interest not only in that story, but in Transporting.

It’s going to be a crazy summer, I can tell already.


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