The Coming Change

Doing some serious digging here . . . hold on . . .  Yeah, it’s what I thought.  Just did a check on the word count for Diners at the Memory’s End, and it’s just a couple of hundred words shy of ten thousand.

So lets do some math.  I’m on Part Five.  There are sixteen total.  Say I add another fifteen hundred word to this part–which isn’t all that crazy–that would take this part to about 11,300 words.  That would put me at 2,260 words per part on average.  So, multiply that by sixteen, and . . . about thirty six thousand and change for the total word count.

I’ve almost got another short novel on my hands.

And the thing is, I know there are a couple of chapters that are probably going to run longer than twenty-two hundred words.  I know Part Eight will likely run a little long.  I know Part Twelve is going to run long, because there’ll be a long stretch there explaining Meredith’s motivations.  Fourteen will also run a little long, me thinks, because it’s a long, detailed section which tells Meredith just what it is that Albert does.  And the last part, Sixteen, will be a good wrap up.

So with that . . . I might have a short novel on my hands, maybe around fifty thousand words.

Not another one of those!

Despite that fact that I’ve written shorter stories–if by “short”, you mean, “Stories the length of which most writers tend to do in two or three, or four, stories”–I believe I’ve always known I’m a novelist.  I know some people will say it’s because I can’t get to the point, but most of the time I feel like “telling the story”, and when I do that, I get–as my ex-wife used to say–wordy.  I don’t consider that to be a bad thing, as I used to tell her all the time.  Some people–like her–think this is a bad thing, but I could think of worse things to happen to a writer–

Like not get read.

Diners got off to a bit of a slow start, but I’ve had a ton of other things going on while I’ve begun writing it in earnest.  The thing is, right now, with two novels out on the Submission Trail–where I hope they don’t die of dysentery, as they would if this was the game Oregon Trail–I need to keep the pipeline going.  I gotta produce zee tomes if I want to get zee readers, and zee readers, they make the penmonkey dance, no?

As I told someone last night, I want to finish Diners at the Memory’s End, then I want to do a little hop back into erotica with one of two stories, one of which I might be able to turn into a series.  Then, after that, I need to do a massive edit on Book One of Transporting, and see if I can not only find a buyer for that sucker, but see if they’re interested in the other two books in that series.

Getting Transporting sold is important, because that’s a lead-in to both Echoes and Diners.  Sell the first, and the rest will follow.

I said almost six months back that 2012 was going to be a year of change for me, that a huge number of things were going to happen to me.

Trust me–

It’s coming so fast, I don’t know if I can keep myself in check.