The Three Hundred K Viewing Club

Finally worked through a very tough chapter of my latest story.  Can I talk about it?  I thought so.

It’s said the first seventeen thousand words are the most difficult, and sometimes that’s true.  Most of the time, not.  Most of the time it’s someone on the outside trying to get your attention, and drag you away from things you need to do.

That’s how it was last night.  I had a friend, on of the many online, who was telling me I need to get out and do a few things.  I mean, I know I shouldn’t be inside all the time–and that’s pretty much me, inside in the day, inside at night–but sometimes it’s hard to go out and do anything.  The biggest problem I’ve had with this sort of thing is that I stopped going out a long time ago.  Social skills are not something I possess.

Yet there is some truth about getting out and doing something, even if it’s just to have a little something to eat and not be tied to the same routine day after day.  It’s something to consider.

Meanwhile, I write . . .

Part Seven is in the history books of first drafts.  I’ve been surprised at how each part has been consistently close in length throughout the story . . . okay, after checking the story, maybe not so much.  The last two parts have exceeded three thousand words, so I’m getting into more detail over what’s happening, and having to show it more.  The story is knocking on the door of Novella, and after Part Eight it’ll probably be inside, slipping off it’s shoes and looking for a place to get comfortable.

The next part–yeah, that’s probably going to run close to three thousand words, and will have my “gaming scene”.  I’d actually forgotten a lot of that part until last week, when I was driving home.  In the original Albert had created a first person shooter, but with virtual immersion, an FPS took you into the world and put the BFG in your hand.  At the time I wrote it, it seemed like it would happen one day.  Today, we’re closer to it, though considering some of the online experiences I’ve seen with trash talking trolls, I’m not sure the experience would be all that great–other than having the ability to actually smoke said troll on the spot were the AI to allow you such an action.

Of course, Albert and Meredith will be in powered armor, and I’ve already got Meredith’s picked out.  She’s gonna love it, trust me.

But the next part is where I gotta bring the sexy, and that’s probably gonna lead to a few mental blocks as I describe a seduction.  Have to admit, I feel a little rusty, but I’m certain I’ll pull through.  I’m already seeing the scene in my mind, in the Liberator’s darkened cabin, the light of a cataclysmic variable shining from a nearby holo display illuminating the entwined bodies.

Oh, Albert.  You’re so gonna hurt Cytheria.  I hope you’re up for it.