Princess in the Glen

Today is going to be another one of those really busy Saturdays.  How busy?  Here it is, 5:45 AM, and I’ve just finished up editing an article I was asked to write for a new online magazine that’s starting up in the UK, and I had to cut out 500 words because I’m, well, wordy.  So five minutes ago I finished my edit, cut it down to 996 words, and shipped it off to the editor who’s submitting it for me.

Did I mention I wrote the article while my eyes were closing on me last night, and didn’t finished up until about 11 PM?  Damn, this is all crazy stuff, let me tell you.

The main reason it’s going to be so busy is that we are off to the movies once more.  Later in the morning, after my daughter has kicked butt at her martial arts class, we are going to see Brave, the new Pixar film.  My daughter, just turned thirteen, has been talking about it for weeks now, and I’ve been following the movie since the first teaser art came out a year ago.  After the movie is over, I’m seriously considering kidding her about the fact that she, Miss Anime, Miss Anti-Disney, has been bugging me to go see a movie about a . . . Disney Princess.  Which the character what Merida, the main character in the movie, is.

I’ve written about Merida before–sort of.  She reminds me of Cassidy, who is, pretty much, my alter ego.  One of the, but she’s sort of the main one.  She’s been quiet of late, the little red haired lass who was bothering me in my dreams back in April, bugging me about getting my butt in gear when it came to writing.  Which I’ve been doing–

I mean, finished up a couple, three novels; sent two out for consideration, of which one is, I think, going to be bought, I just haven’t heard anything; working on another story; getting my idea for my NaNo Novel . . . Oi.  It’s all there.  Busy, busy, busy.

You happy now, Cassidy?

Actually, she probably isn’t.

Just like Merida, she’s a pushy little girl.  She keeps telling me, “It’s not enough, you know.  You gotta keep working.  You gotta get your name out there, honey.  You gotta make people see you–”

See what I mean?  Pain in the butt, she is.

It’s one of the reasons I wrote this article.  The last week I’ve felt like I’m going to fall asleep at any moment.  Not much sleep at night, and getting up early every day, is starting to drive me a little batty.  This morning, here I am, up at 5:10 AM.  What do I do once the computer is up?

You’re reading it.

I started wondering yesterday if I’m loosing my enthusiasm for writing, because the last few nights, when I started in on my current story, I didn’t feel all that much like doing anything.  Last night I didn’t write, because I was, to be honest, exhausted.

But I’m not loosing enthusiasm; I’m just tired.  If I had started writing last night, I’d have written crap.  When I get to the Y for my daughter’s class in about 45 minutes, I’m going to work on the story.  I’m going to go for a thousand words.  And I’ll get it, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Pipe down, Cassidy.  I know what I’m doing.

Just enjoy the ride, will ya?