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Will the Next Guest Sign In Please

Today my blog is being taken over by author Nikki Noffsinger, who have come to tell us about what she’s been reading, what she’s been enjoying, and what her future may bring.  So take it away, Nikki!


I love to read and part of the fun is always discovering a new author. Some months ago I finally discovered the Immortals After Dark Series. The book I am currently on for a second time is Lothaire by Kressley Cole. Lothaire is the villain that up until now you love, lust, and hate. He is the enemy of old and not to much is known about him other than he’s lethal, double crossing, keeps blood debts and calls them in when he feels they are due, and is powerful. He is so ancient and powerful he doesn’t even require a lot of blood to live and rumor has it he’s going a bit mad because every time he drinks blood from the source he takes on their memories but Lothaire has lived for nothing or no one but his “end game” well he encounters his Bride. Yes Lothaire is a lucky vamp to get a bride. For the first time in over a millenia he can breathe and get laid. There is one kink in fly boy’s plans…his fated Bride is possessing a human woman that lives in the sticks and is proud of her Larry the Cable Guy -esque life. The goddess possessing her demands that Lothaire find a way to free her from this mortal via extinguishing said mortal’s soul. However for one that has lived so long and has been truly evil to the core…what happens when he begins to question his duty to his “Bride” or the woman he’s falling in love with?

I won’t give anymore details but if you’ve been reading the Immortals After Dark Series you will absolutely adore Lothaire’s book. If you’ve never read them-THEN GET THOSE BOOKS AND SAVE THIS ONE TILL YOU READ THE OTHER ONES! Kressly Cole’s take on Valkyries, Elves, Werewolves, and yes even Vampires not to mention Demons is just out of this world! All of her books have plenty to laugh about, cry, and make you run for that cold shower. Beast man hooook a girl up! My favorite quote from Lothaire is :

“As Lothaire lifted the lid with a sense of dread, Nïx murmured, “Hint: it’s the middle one.”Elizabeth’s fragile finger.Seeing it severed like this brought on a visceral reaction—pain shooting through his own hand, radiating throughout his regenerated heart. He closed the lid with a swallow, sentimentally pocketing the package.“You gave her your heart, and she gave you the bird.” Nïx sighed. “Songs will be written about this.”

Truly, Elvis should have written the song. Can’t you imagine it, ” Wise men say, only foolish vampires give their hearts away, but she couldn’t help giving him the bird…” Number one hit, right? I love Kressley Cole and I find that each of her books offers something different-gives a new experience. Not to mention Nunking Futs Nix is so much more entertaining than Sookie Stackhouse.

It has been authors like Kressley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lyndsay Sands, Anne Rice, Kerrilyn Sparks, and so many others of the paranormal genre that have not only keep me obsessed over their books but has inspired so much of my own writing as well as leading me to discover other authors. I believe the first science fiction author I ever read was Ray Bradbury and it just fed into my love of the sci fi genre as well as the paranormal romance one. So tell me, what are you reading and why? What is your favorite character and why? When you go for a book, what do you look for: a great cover or the summary on the back? Do the books you read inspire you to create books, stories, plays, or comics of your own? If writing isn’t your thing, do your favorite books inspire other creative outlets? Let me know!


Nikki Noffsinger is a 37 year old mother of 2 who has had a love of books and a passion for writing at an early age. At 35 she embarked on getting her stories out there by getting published and by the time she was 37 she had two E-books published by XoXo Publishing. Aside from books and writing she enjoys time with her family, meeting new and interesting people, cooking, and loves rock music. You can find more about author Nikki Noffsinger at:


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