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Come On In My Blogging Kitchen

Today I continue upon my blogging tour, and my guest today is the lovely Laci Paige, who is here to tell us about how she was inspired her to start her most current work in progress.  You would do well to attend to Laci, ’cause she gets this evil look in her eyes when she notices you looking away . . .

And with that, here’s Laci!



Hello, before I go on, I’d like to thank Raymond for hosting me on his blog this week! We are participating in a virtual blog tour, and we are just about half way done. So, if you haven’t been following us – it’s not too late, it doesn’t end until early September.

So today I’m going to tell you what inspired my latest work in progress, aka WIP.

A movie…I think, or a TV show.

Don’t even ask me which one it was, I don’t remember. It wasn’t a very good story. But there was a beach, bonfires, and teenage issues. It got my muse going when we were on the highway riding several states over to visit with friends.

I cranked out close to 7K words on that trip all because the highway traffic slowed to a crawl. We were two hours late getting to our destination. It was due to a tractor trailer that was turned over on its side. The accident was on the other side of the highway, but due to rubbernecking we were delayed. I hate that!

At any rate, I cranked out the start of a pretty good story. Only problem is, I had other stories in progress before that one. So it had to be put on the back burner for now. The working title is “Boat”. I know, it will change, but I needed something to save it under on the computer, and I just happened to be on a boat scene at that point. A saucy boat scene at that.

The setting of my story is in a beach community along the south eastern shore of the USA. No where specific, but in my mind it’s called Turtle Cove. It’s the story of a girl (who works at a bait and tackle shop), who wants a boy (who works at the marina). He thinks of her as only a friend until a new boy (a spoiled rich guy) shows up. The three of them are “just friends” until….

Sorry, you’ll just have to wait until later this year to find out what happens.

Until then you can read my debut novella, Let’s Keep On Truckin’, which is available for purchase on Amazon.


In the comment section below tell me something about this blog that interested you! Raymond and I love to hear from our readers!

Author Bio:

When Laci’s not reading or writing she can be found spending time with her husband supporting their children. Laci enjoys camping, hiking, & photography. And she loves to chat with fans on Twitter and Facebook. Laci and her family currently reside in Hampton Roads, VA.

Laci’s Place blog.

Laci on Twitter.

Laci on Facebook.

Laci’s Author’s Page on Facebook.

Let’s Keep On Truckin’ on Decadent Publishing.


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