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Serious Serializing

Today we’re coming from across the ocean, to the Land of the Olympics, and Joseph Eastwood is going to tell us about something that’s close to his heart–namely, what he loves to write, and how.


Standalone or Series?

I ask almost everyone this question at some point in knowing them, and there isn’t really a consensus. Some prefer series, and some prefer standalone. The Harry Potter books could not have been  just one stand alone novel–because it would have been a BRICK! While Stephen King mainly writes stand alone novels.

I’m a series novelist–I have (let me count) planned 5 series which accumulates 27 books. I have planned all 27 books roughly, or outlined them–I lead a very indoorsy life, in fact I rarely go out. I planned 12 of those books when I was 14-16 and I was absolutely horrendous at writing, but I’ve grown a lot since then, both in maturity and in my writing style, and now that I am 19 I am going to write all of these (well, that’s the plan anyway).

You might be asking, why have you planned so many series of books? Apart from staying indoors at all times, I like to make spider diagrams and brainstorm until the early hours of the morning (which I used to get told off about) and another reason why I like to plan and write them is because I’m no good at goodbyes and I get really attached to my characters that sometimes I think they’re real… *p.s. I’m not crazy… it’s a writer thing*

I also like reading series, they are my preferred choice–I like them because I know that when I’ve finished one book, I’m going to have another to read, whereas if it was a standalone novel I might want to read more of them, this is especially frustrating when you fall in love with a character, or absolutely hate a character and want to hate them some more .

I’ve enjoyed planning each of my series and so far I am enjoying writing them as well. I enjoy the character development that goes through the series and also the variety of characters that can be introduced.

And for all those people who are marketing savvy, writing a series is especially good because one book will lead to the next as one book alone out there might not sell as well, but that wasn’t the slant I took on the different series when I was 14 because in all honesty I didn’t have a clue about marketing and publicity. Now that I know, I’m sharing this little gem of information with you–so that’s why I prefer series, both reading and writing!

Okay–Question time! What do you prefer to write? And what do you prefer to read?


About Lumen

Lumen is the first in the four-part Blood Luminary series following the characters, Daniel Satoria, Jac Lister and Mia Crosgrove.

Daniel, like all other adolescents on Templar Island is going through the final transition that will allow him to manipulate the bonds of energy and do more than just tamper with his own biological form.

After a near-death experience he is accepted into Croft’s Academy, the only private school on the island and for someone like Daniel to gain access to such teaching is a privilege, and they won’t let him forget it. He tries to fit in, but that’s when things take a turn for the worst, and everything he once knew can’t be possible any more. He doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe.


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About Joseph

Joseph Eastwood is the eldest of five siblings. He lives and grew up in Lancaster, England, where he also attends the University of Cumbria, studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

He has always had a giant creative connection in his life, from drawing and writing to having an eclectic taste in music and reading a wide range of books, which he hopes reflects in his own writing. He also loves watching sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy based TV shows and films. Among some of his favourites are Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. As well as those he loves dramas, like The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives.

Joseph is either busy doing edits and writing or trying to get some university work done. He lives for creativity, striving to be different and thinking up new hoops for his characters to jump through.




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