Dreamer’s Kick

The weekends are just too short.  I spent most of the morning getting a blog post ready, then looking for things on the Internet, then registering domains . . . but I did manage to write the next part of a new story, and I’m down to three parts remaining in Dreamers at the Memory’s End.

Still have a drive ahead of me tonight, but I’ll worry about that when it happens.  I don’t need to go back to The Undisclosed Location, but have to.

I did take a break for a while.  The daughter and I watched Inception, which I admit is one of my favorite movies.  Yes, I know people dump on the flick for being dumb and being hard to follow, and having a weird plot–or, as some have pointed out, was ripped off from a Donald Duck comic–but I don’t care what the haters think.  I always have a ball watching the movie, and the second level dream insanity is something I can watch over and over, marveling at how it was filmed.  Yes, I do know about the set constructed for the scene.  Still . . . putting those pieces together is simply incredible.

If you’ve watched it, then you know about “kicks”.  When you are in a dream, and you need to wake up, you get a kick:  a jolt that’s going to snap you to, and get you back into reality–or does it?  (Duh-du-dunnn!)

I wondered:  do we, as writers, need this from time to time to remind ourselves that we’re working in a dream world?  Are we sure that what we are doing is ever going to pay off, and we need to somehow bring ourselves back to reality?

Every so often I get asked, “How are you sales going?”  The truth:  not very good.  After a year I haven’t sold much of anything.  I’ve made maybe $20 total in one year.

Yet, I’m still writing.  Between the blog and my stories, I’ve written quite a bit.  I know that, with my last three stories, I’ve done about one hundred and fifty thousand words.

None of which has been sold.  Well, maybe one.  But the other is waiting to be edited, and the third is a work in progress.  Lets not even talk about the NaNo Novel . . .

There are a few people who might have given up at this point.  After a year, writing a few novels that don’t seem to do anything but collect electronic dust, would have some people looking for something else to do.

This summer has been a difficult one for me, for a number of reasons.  Getting my first rejection in the middle of a personal crises didn’t help, either.  In fact, I came very close to saying, “The hell with this, I ain’t getting anywhere.”

Then I remember what someone very close to me once said:  “You are a writer; you’ve been one for twenty years.  You don’t need anyone to tell you that.”

That’s the sort of kick we need.  It’s not that we’re living in a dream world of unfathomable expectations, where we all think we’re going to be the Next Big Thing, and make a gazillion bucks.  We just want to be reminded that we have people who like our work, and who follow us because they enjoy what we have to say–

Who like us because we entertain.

I’d prefer to think this place of struggle, this area where I toil away at my stories, and go to work at a place I despise, is my dream.  When the stories are bought, when they start earning me enough that I can write all the time, and I’m able to bring more stories to the public–that’s the kick.  That’s what’s going to wake me up, and put me where I want to be . . .

Welcome to the Real World.