Replacement Time

For anyone following my post from this Saturday morning, I made mention of a story I’m writing over on Cathy Brockman’s Storytime Trysts blog.  In case you are interested, or curious, or you are so in love with my work you can’t do without, here are the first two chapters of an eight-part story.


Part One.

Part Two.



Saturday’s All Right For Writing

Here it is, the weekend.  Ohhhhhhh, yeah, as they used to say on certain Chicago radio stations back in the last 1970’s.  It’s a time to sit down and relax, and collect your thoughts–

Oh, but that only works if you’re not writing.

It was a crazy drive home yesterday, for I made it in one piece–though I took a slight detour close to home after two people almost jacked themselves into accident because of a little rain.  It seems like Fridays are a good time for every idiot to get out on the highways, then drive like they’ve never been in traffic before that very moment.

At least I don’t need to return to The Undisclosed Location until Monday evening.  Doctor’s appointment Monday, so I’ll be working from The Real Home.  Gives me another night to catch up on my sleep, and maybe the late Monday run down the interstate will be with less traffic.

In the mean time:  writing.

Diners at the Memory’s End is almost over.  The end is really here.  I tried writing last night, but I was completely brain dead.  I managed a couple of paragraphs, and nothing was making sense.  When that happens, do as William Gibson says:  step away and find something else to do.  My something else was to go to bed, because I was very tired.  So, today, back into Part Seventeen, likely finish it up, then either tonight, or early tomorrow, start on Part Eighteen.  The last chapter of the story.  The fin.  The End.

I think I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with this story.  It’s one I’ve wanted to retell, and one that holds a lot of memories for me.  At the same time, the rewrite came at a time when I’ve been thrown into a lot of personal upheaval, and that’s going to be a new set of memories whenever I go back and look at this story.  Is it a much better story now?  Yes.  Do I feel like I’ve torn out chunks of my soul during the rewrite, and thrown them into the tale?  More than likely.

Needless to say, this is a tale I’m going to remember for a very long time.  Not only the tale, but the telling of the tale, which to us writing types is just as important as the story we’re creating.  I can say with a great deal of certainty, the development of this story has been a long, strange trip, and I am relieved it’s coming to an end.

So, blogging, getting a guest post out, getting a guest post up, and working on my other story . . . oh, yeah.  I’ve got another story I’m writing for another blog, something of an experiment when I only write a chapter when it’s time to post, so Sunday afternoon I log onto that blog, do my current chapter, and post it Monday morning.  I’m telling a tale in eight parts, over eight weeks, and I’ll see if I can really write something that can be considered a short story.  Or, at best, something shorter than I’m usually writing.

You know, I should post the links for this story–

After all, people may actually want to read it.