The End of the Uncertainty

Yes, the end is in sight.  The end of this story, I mean.

Started Part Eighteen of Diners at the Memory’s End last night, and the writing was good.  I’ve known this ending for a very long time, and it’s been there in my mind, resting, waiting for the moment to come out and make itself known.

The words did flow.  If it hadn’t been for a lot of special formatting I needed to do, I would have likely finished everything in about an hour.  With formatting, it was two.

A good time had by me, yes.

Why was there a lot of special formatting, you ask?  I’ll tell you why.  The conversation was happening “in mind,” psychically, and I used different fonts to be able to tell who is speaking.  So it was write a few lines of conversation, then go back and set up the right fonts.

It’s a bit of work, but it’s fun.  It helps keep the story straight.  And it keep the writer’s sanity straight as well.  Until they start formatting.  Then it get nuts.

Where I’m at in the chapter, I easily know what’s coming after.  The rest of the scene should be easy, simple, short.  So much so, in fact, that I can likely finish up tonight.

One thousand more word, maybe fifteen hundred, and Diners is a wrap.  As The Who once wrote, the song is over, and so is the story.  Albert’s foray back into college, and how it affects him, will come to an end.

I should at least have a very strong drink to celebrate.

The end isn’t quite here, yet, but I feel it.  Even if I don’t write the last word until tomorrow, or Wednesday, Diners is done.  I don’t need to see the end of the story to know it will happen.  I even know what the last line will be.  That’s how I roll–though I will admit, that last line only came to me a week ago.  Before then, I had some rambling crap in mind.  Now, it’s more to the point.  And given the nature of the story, the last line should leave the reader with the feeling that while the story is over, the metastory goes on.

Get it written, get it into the files, get it saved.  Put it away and edit it later.  Maybe look at Echoes for a good edit while I find another publisher for Demonic Majesty, and do my research for NaNo.  I may not be writing anything new right away, but I’m working.

Oh, and I was reading through Transporting last night, and there’s something I picked up there, and I need to take that information and extrapolate.  If nothing else, I can have fun modeling out one of my solar systems with a bit more detail.  I also saw something that I wrote over twenty years ago, and it pretty much matched something I confirmed with my software a few weeks ago.

Really, I must have been in some kind of grove all those years ago, to be able to calculate an orbit with an Excel spreadsheet, and some quick formulas.

Makes me proud, you know?