The Memories Past

The story is over; the novel is finished.  Almost fifty-five thousand words.  Eighteen chapters.

It’s all first draft, and it’s all mine.

I only needed nine hundred and twenty words to finish the story last night.  I played Electric Light Orchestra’s A New World Record while I wrote, and managed to finish the story in about forty minutes.  That means I was really in my final grove, and the music was in me, I was in the music, and the story didn’t have to fight its way out:  it only had to jump into the computer and get comfortable.

Today there is no thought about writing.  In actuality, I couldn’t, because I’m going to head off to The Undisclosed Location tonight, and by the time I arrive, it’ll be too late to do anything but setup, relax a little, and sleep.  Then off to work tomorrow–or do I?  Du, duh, DUNNNN!

Fifty-five thousand words in about ten weeks; that’s easy math to work out.  Personally, in retrospect, this is about what I’d figure, based upon what I was producing every night.  But if I’m going to do NaNoWriMo, will need to work up that count.  Gonna need to go from eight hundred a night to about two thousand a night.  I might not “win”, but there’s the potential to get well into the story with a week, or so afterwards, to finish it up.

It’s safe to say, now, that Diners at the Memory’s End, was a tough story to write, because it was up, it was down, there were issues of loneliness, love, anger, isolation, and fear.  A large part of it, as I view it now, has to do with reviling your inner self to others.  There were secrets that both Albert and Meredith wanted to keep from each other.  As they grew closer to each other, they complicated their relationship by getting too close, and then realized they’d opened themselves up too much.

By the time the last three parts come into view, both have grown comfortable with who they are, and what they are, and when the final moment pass between them, there is the feeling that a great friendship is going to grow.

Does this mean I’ll write about Meredith again?  Actually, there is another Meredith story, somewhere down the line.  I can’t tell you just where in Albert’s time line he meets up with Meredith again, but when they do, there will be one hell of an emergency.  It will be written, one of these days.  But there are other tales to tell as well, and it might be a year or two before I get to this story.

There will likely be no writing tonight.  I think the next thing I’m going to do is an edit on Echoes, and get my ground work started on my NaNo Novel.  And I’ll keep up on Replacements for five more weeks.  But for now . . . I think it’s time to get into an edit, and concentrate on getting something published.

After all, if I do nothing but write, and no one reads it, was the story ever created?