Sunset Drive

It is a thing of joy to find one self zipping down the highway at night, feeling like there isn’t a care in the world.  I’ve been there many times, back in the days when I’d find myself behind the wheel of my 1965 Mustang convertible, flying down back roads with the top down.

It was all about enjoying the wind in my (then) long hair, the radio cranked up, and the night sky forever your friend.

These days something like that isn’t as easy, though, in some parts of Indiana, there are plenty of back roads still to fly down without a care in the world.  Not that I was on any of them last night, no.  I was hoofing it down the interstate, realm of drivers who don’t know how to pass, and slow semis.

Still, it wasn’t that bad a night.

Yesterday was a good day.  It was a day for thinking, for ideas.  There wasn’t a need to sit and figure out what I was going to do yesterday, because it was already finished.  Diners at the Memory’s End was done, and the only thing I was looking at was a drive back to The Undisclosed Location.

When I drive, I like to think things out—when I’m not screaming at drivers to get the hell out of the way.  One of the things I spent about an hour on was some light plotting for my upcoming NaNo Novel, 2012.  I went over some character interaction, why they would be together at the location I’ve selected, and how they discover what thing is there.  Very simple stuff, really.

I was able to work out some of the things I needed to set up the story.  I didn’t plot it all out, no, but getting my characters from Kuntilanak together again is no small task.  I also know what the big bad is, and I also know how one character I wanted to bring into the story—for just a very small scene—fits into this story.

The only things I’m lacking is the ultimate motivation of Mr. Big Bad—though I have a good idea—the ultimate end of the story, and a title.  Yes, this is known as “planning”, which is something you’re told you’re not supposed to do during NaNo.  You’re also told you’re not supposed to do something called “editing”, but I don’t listen to “Them!”, because they are not worth listening to—and they are also giant ants.  Who wants to listen to giant ants?  They just go, “Screee, Screee, Screee!” all the time . . .

I’m getting a good feeling for NaNo again.  A month ago I was full of crazy stress.  Now, with a lot of things behind me, I’m feeling far more confident of the task ahead.  I have my goals set out, and I won’t allow myself to get crazy in the weeks to come.  That way, I can save the crazy for the story—

If I do it right, there’s going to be plenty of that to go around.