Hard Trigger Times

It was a time for doing yesterday.  I finally began my Idea File in Scrivener yesterdays, and started adding information to the document.  Scrivener is great for this, because I can set up the idea as a folder with a title, then add documents under said folder pertaining to each idea.

For some of the folders I put a simple comment about the story.  For others, I added timelines I’d already written.  And for one, I set up a very long description for the main characters in the story.  Get them set up, throw a “To Do” on the stuff that needed to be done, or a “First Draft” on those that I’ve already written and will need more polishing in the future.

After an hour of work I had six ideas set up.  I know there is another to do, and I should get that in–just in case my mind decided to go to lunch–but that’s not a bad backlog.  One of the things I should do is set up a folder for all the stories I want to do for the Transporting universe, and get the time line in place, so that I have one place to see everything that needs work.  Which reminds me . . . I should do a folder for the characters in my NaNo Novel.  I’m very interested in doing sequels for them.

Today is writing time for me for the next chapter of my webstory Replacements, and I’m gonna get into something nasty today.  It’s getting close to wrap-up time for the story, and there’s something bad gonna happen to one of my characters.  Not that something bad hasn’t happened to one so far, but . . . yeah, bad.

I’ve been having an internal debate about putting a trigger warning in the story.  I understand that some people get totally freaked out by things they read in stories–I know I have from time to time.  But to place a trigger warning at the start of the story pretty much eliminates any potential shock that should come from reading the story.

But the scene is needed to force my main character into something that she wouldn’t do normally–not after what she’s done in the story so far.  I need to shock her into action.  I need her to get upset.

I need her to act in a bad way.

I know the arguments:  “You’re going to trigger someone.”  Yeah, stuff happens, right?  Then again, I could have triggered someone already.  I could have written something in a story that’s triggered dozens of people–assuming I’ve had that many people read any of my stories, har, har.

As one female writer said in an articles I read yesterday, life is a trigger, and anything can set off anyone.  When she writes, she said, she never uses triggers because what is she going to warn against?  You can’t protect everyone, and a writer shouldn’t try.  It’s an impossible task, and when you set up too many warnings of what’s coming, you dilute the impact of what you’re trying to say.

I told a friend I know how I’m going to write the scene.  The original idea is gone, and I’ve a different view in mind–one that I feel will be far more powerful.  I’ve even started thinking it through this morning.

Now . . . to get it down right.

Gonna be a long afternoon.