Staking Out the Lines

I’ve been all over Google Maps last night and this morning.  Why?  Research!

The idea I started on yesterday in my blog post has been gnawing at me.  It was on my mind all they way to The Undisclosed Location, and since I have little else to do on the long trip, besides curse idiot drivers, I worked out a lot of the points at the start of the story.  The set up, the hook–it’s there.

Well, it’s getting to there.  I won’t claim I have a full-blown story yet, but I have two characters, and at least a couple who are secondary.  I’m getting a feel for how the house looks from the outside, and I’ve even found a plot of woods where the house can sit.

But there are doubts here.  Hey, it wouldn’t be me if there weren’t doubts.

Even though there was a lot of erotica in Couples Dance, there was a lot of talk about a certain house.  Now, was the house haunted?  Hard to say.  You could say it was, but it could also be said that something happened to the house, and it wasn’t actually haunted, but there was something else going on . . .

With this idea I have from my dream, I’m not sure if I’m looking at a haunted house story, or if there is something tied back to the owner . . . or if there is something else at work here.  I’m thinking along the lines of “something else,” but what, I can’t say yet.  I need to think, to work out, to see what inspires me–

Ah, but the Muse is saying, “Hey, you want breakfast?  ‘Cause I’m not cooking if you don’t get to work!”  Ha!  You do that; I’ll just run down to Panara.  As much as I love you, I gotta do this my way, ’cause this needs to be right, sweetie.

This is a strange feeling.  It was like this with a couple of my stories, where I was gripped by something, and just jumped feet first.  In fact, I’m wondering if this is more than just a story I’m getting here–

Maybe this is my NaNo Novel for 2012.

I know I’d had another idea in mind for that, but . . . I just wasn’t getting the love.  Really.  I couldn’t feel a connection, not just yet.  That story is there, ready to go, but I’m not getting the inspiration from it that I’m getting at the moment on this idea.

Maybe that’s what the dream wanted me to see.  Maybe it wanted me to know there was something waiting to be written, but at the time I couldn’t write.

Now . . . I’m different.  And writing is very possible.

Yeah, it’s all crazy, just like this dream.  It’s feeling very bendy-wendy, if you know what I mean.  I still don’t know what’s up there on the one floor, the floor that’s all decrepit and nasty looking, with the shadows that move when you think they shouldn’t.

It won’t be long before I start digging around.

It won’t be long before I find out.