Turn It On Again and Again

First off, I had some of the strangest dreams ever last night.  Really long and detailed, with a lot of talking and color and strange houses.  Oh, and being married to some red headed woman–I was me-me, not Cassidy-me in my dreams–and having to deal with dogs that didn’t stay where they were suppose to stay.  It all had a surrealistic feel in a white trash sort of way, sort of like Hoarders on acid with an Everclear chaser.

Lets hope that doesn’t happen too often, as the amount of flannel in the dream was overwhelming.

I’ve a day or writing ahead of me.  Well, not so much writing as I have a bit of editing and writing.  I need to start–and maybe finish–my next chapter for my story Replacements.  Two chapters to go, and this chapter is the one that’s going to turn things on their head.  When it’s all done, I need to copy everything off and throw it into a Scrivener project, so I can add this to my list of stories that I’ve written, finished, and had people read.  Not sell, you notice, but that might happen.  I think this would be a good one to put out for epublishing, maybe sell it for $1.99, and just rake in the coinage.

Or I could write a story about fairies having sex.  Who know?

I do know that after Replacements is over, I have to start on a four-part Halloween story, which is going to be . . . well, I hope crazy.  I know what I want to write, but what’s going to come out will likely be something completely different.  All I need is a title, and I’m off to the races.  It’s just that nothing seems to be striking my fancy at the moment, but then, Replacements just came out at the last moment, so I have a feeling this title will pop up when I least expect it as well.

But now, the editing part . . . if you have heard, Harper Voyager will take unsolicited manuscript for consideration, starting on 1 October, and ending 14 October.  This is a very big deal, because Harper Voyager is an established publishing house, and it’s been well over decade since they accepted unsolicited manuscripts.  For people like me, this is sort of like the Golden Ticket, and if you get picked, it can change a lot of things, and open more than a few doors.

So what do I lead with?  Because, you have to know, I’m going for this.  I’ve got fifteen days to polish up something and send it off, and I want to make a good impression.  I thought about sending Part One of Transporting, but the reality is that’s probably not the best idea, since there are a couple of hundred thousand words that follow, and it could be seen as some kind of publishing sucker punch–“What?  You want to publish three hundred thousand words?  Are you insane?”

So, since I’ve already polished it a couple of times–and I’ve thrown it out there once–I’m going to submit Her Demonic Majesty.  It’s good, it’s eighty-five thousand words, it flows quickly . . . and it has as good a chance as anything.  And short of writing a novel in fifteen days, and editing it in a week, it’s about my only shot.

What I want to do is have it ready so I can shoot it out first thing that Monday morning, and hope that I beat most of the rush.  And then hope it’s given a good read–and hope it’s liked–and hope . . .

Hoping is about all I can at this point.  It’s a crap shoot at best, but the story has to go out there again.  And if it doesn’t make it this time–

Find another home and send it out.  Or self-publish.  Either way, it’s going to see the light of day.

Because my work deserves to be seen.

We shall see, won’t we?