Time Jinxes and Lesbian Kisses

As you may have guessed from reading this blog, I’m a science fiction fan.  I’m also someone who spends some times fooling around with the concept of time travel.  Or, as I’ve started from time to time, I like Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Stuff.  So it’s not surprising that I find myself drawn to this sort of thing like a moth looking for a light bulb to land upon.

So after I edited my chapter for Her Demonic Majesty, I starting mind gaming some ideas for, well, characters in a story.  I won’t go into detail on the characters, or the story, but needless to say, an event involving some time travel that happens in an earlier (unwritten) story is discovered, and one of the characters now understands why something that she did years before happened the way it did then, and . . . well, this is where the “well” goes all Timey Wimey Ball on her.

Which brings another character to ask, “Instead of splitting them up (which is what happened originally, and one character time traveled back to prevent that), why not kill them?”

Of course, I had to figure that one out.  You get into all these strange paradoxes when you’re talking time travel, and sometimes it becomes impossible to know what’s going on, because the human mind can get all bendy wendy when you start thinking about why you just can’t keep going back and doing things again and again when you have the ability to flit about in time–

Which means you need to get your rules down pat before you head off in whatever doubles for your time machine.  It’s a tough multiverse out there, and you gotta be ready.

Or at least come up with something that makes some sense so you don’t have too many geeks poking holes in your logic.

There was something else I pondered yesterday as well.  I was speaking with a friend, and I mentioned to them that I was going to start on a story that would have a character who was a lesbian.  While my friend didn’t get indignant, or anything, she did say, “Don’t make her a lesbian.  You need more bi-sexual characters.”

Now, while I don’t have anything against bi-sexual characters, for the story I’m going to do, the character is a lesbian, case closed.  The funny thing is, last night I met with my therapist (yes, I have a therapist, and yes, she helps me), and mentioned this comment to her.  She laughed and said, “What?  There aren’t any stories out there with lesbians in them now!  It’s all gay men!”  I did tell her–as I am telling you now–that the dirty little secret about gay male erotica is that it’s mostly written by straight women, just as a lot of Japanese women write yaio manga (translated as “Boy Love Comics”, a very popular genre with girls there).

Her advice was keep writing what I like, and if I can write some great stories about lesbians, then go for it!  I don’t know about “great stories,” but since I love writing about women, maybe I’ll eventually become the “go to person” when it comes to lesbian erotica.

Until then, I’ll finish my novel edit, get it sent off . . .

And continue doing what I like.