Penultimate Scrumptiousness

Chapters 23 and 24 of Her Demonic Majesty fell to the editor’s cursor last night.  Almost seven thousand words finished up and put to bed before I headed off to the same.

I’m getting a good feeling for this book.

It wasn’t a mess, but there were things that were clumsy, and they didn’t read well.  I’ve had a year to sharpen my craft, and I see things that I wrote in the heat of the, “I gotta get three thousand words out today,” moment.  So I fixed them–and, I believe, I fixed them well.

All of this was done last night while I teetered on exhaustion.  The night before I’d taken something to help me sleep, and it left me out of it in a bad way.  I’d spent most of the day feeling like I was going to fall asleep, and I think I did nod off for a couple of minutes.  So I went home–and instantly began having issues with my computer.  I think it was in index building mode, because the disk light spun, spun, spun all night, and it made writing a little difficult at times.

I was in an irritable mood as well.  Being tired doesn’t help, and I felt a little put upon throughout the day.  In a way, focusing on my story did a great deal to get me centered and off to bed in a better mood, because I certainly didn’t want to be ol’ Grumpy while trying to get to sleep, let me tell you.

Tonight, I finish the novel.  Then I start on the submission package.  I’ve already put together two, so all I need to do is follow the rules, and adjust accordingly.  Easy peasy, right?  It should be.  If I get it going tonight, I see no reason why I can’t get it all out by Thursday night, the 4th of October.

Then what?

Well, I’m writing another story.  It’s a Halloween story, and I’ve done one chapter, and have three more to go.  I know where it’s going, and what I’m going to do, but I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  If anything, I could end up being my shortest story.

Then there’s NaNoWriMo.  The countdown close has started on the main page, and it’s a reminder that all the nutty people out there who are going to try and crank out fifty thousand words in “Thirty days and nights of literary abandon” had best start getting this writing shit together.  Or, at the least, pretend they know what they’re going to do.

I have my idea.  I think I have a title.  I know what I need to research.  All that remains is to set up my Scrivener project and start fillin’ out cards.  It’s what I did last year, and it’ll work for me this year.

If there’ll be anything good to come of NaNo this year, it’ll be pulling me away from the madness that is the Internet.  I’m going to be incommunicado for most of November, doing what I can to stay away from Facebook, but I will blog during the month.  Writing is writing, and I loved writing my blog during NaNo last year.

Is love really the right word?

Let me get my thesaurus.