The Fooling Around Before the Storm

After returning to The Undisclosed Location from the soul sucking hole of hell that I call a job, I had dinner, and . . . relaxed.  It was time to fool around, not do anything writing related.  Because I know what’s coming:  work, then the drive home, then dinner, and relaxing.  By the time I get on the computer, it’ll probably be about 8 PM local time, and I can finally dig into the journey that will be Harper Voyager.

I figure I’ll have my package together and polished by Saturday afternoon, so as soon as I feel comfortable that it’s ready to go, it goes.  I’ll update my Author’s Page on Facebook, then play the waiting game.  I figure, at best, I won’t hear anything until after the first of the year.  Before that probably won’t be good news.  But after the first of the year . . . yeah. I can see that happening.

Since I was resting last night, I caught up on some news, and contacted a couple of old friends that I hadn’t seen for a few weeks, because editing takes up a lot of your free time.  I listened to music, which is no different than another night, because without music, I’m only half there at the computer, and my mind needs something to help churn the waters of my imagination.  (Notice I didn’t say “chum”, because I don’t believe I have sharks in my mind.  Not yet.)

I also caught up on a few game supplements   Even though I rarely game these days, I have a ton of games on my external drive.  And there are probably a dozen supplements and core rule books that I haven’t read through.  Again, writing takes away from your free time, particularly when writing isn’t you main source of income.

I didn’t do a very in-depth read of the books; it was more like, skim, skim, skim . . . oh, there’s something interesting.  It’s a routine I’m used to, because you stop and get the stuff that jumps out at you.  I can spend three or four days going over a book this way–especially if it’s one of the books for Eclipse Phase, which have great writing, incredible amounts of information, a lot of wit, and comedy you can’t find anywhere else.  (Read about Momo von Satan and the Chewy Gristle Commentary Hour, and tell me if you don’t laugh.)

One of the games I went through last night, though . . . I need to dig into it a little more.  The author and developer gave some rather particular reasons for developing the game, and the more I thought about it, the more a review of the game seemed necessary.  And when that review comes, you’ll see it here.  It’s been a long time since I’ve written a game review:  it should be interested.

But that’s for later . . . this weekend comes the real work.  Package, edit, upload, click, hope:  such is the mantra of today’s writer.  Oh, don’t forget wait, which hasn’t changed for writers for, well, a long time.

Everyone wants to buy the next masterpiece, but they certainly take their time that your book is it.

I can wait, though.  I can wait.