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Midnight in Rhandirmwyn

It wasn’t my intention to write last night.  I just sort of happened.

First off, I was really in information gathering mode last night.  I was very tired when I arrived home after work–I’m sorry, I meant this vampiric entity that gifts me with money in return for sucking at my soul for nine hours.  I was burnt out, and didn’t feel like doing a hell of a lot.  So I slapped on some tunes and began looking at things.

By “things”, I mean I’m getting things together for my NaNoWriMo novel.  I finally figured out a local, the basic plot, and what sort of creature I’ll write about.  Yeah, I said creature.  As in things that go bump in the night.  Only these things will do more than bump; they’re probably going to do their best to raise a little hell.

So I was on Wikipedia and Google Maps, when I was seized by the desire to have some ice cream.  As there is a Dairy Queen just down the road, I dressed, got in my car, and picked up a sundae.  So it was when I returned that I slapped in some new songs, then found myself moving the Google Maps to another part of the world.

I needed a location in Wales for my Halloween story, which will see Part Three being published this coming Monday.  I looked about, and pulled up a small town, situated in the rolling hills, named Rhandirmwyn.  Street view showed me what things looked like, and it reminded me of the times I visited my relatives in Tennessee.  There were hills and rivers and trees . . .

The perfect place for a Halloween/Samhain bonfire, or two.

Well, not right there, but once I looked around–yeah, I found the place that would be perfect.  So I looked at the satellite view.  I switched over to the map view, and triggered the terrain feature.  I looked north, closer to Llyn Brianne reservoir, and there it was:  a nice spot on a hill, about 420 meters above sea level.

I imagined the scene.  My characters appearing at a spot just to the east of Rhandirmwyn.  I pulled up the Sky View Cafe webpage and found the sky for that location at ten minutes before midnight, the time of their arrival.  I saw all this in my mind . . . and since I had Scrivener up, typing up the name of the town and the time, I figured, what the hell?  Start the conversation.

Ten minutes later I had just three hundred fourteen words, but it was a start, and it got the exposition of where they were out of the way.  And it set up the start of their journey . . .

I loved how it all came together, how it seemed to burst out from the middle of nowhere.  How it felt natural; how it felt to just sling words out there with no plan save to open the scene.

That’s the brain getting ready for NaNo.  That’s how you do it:  you get your things together, and you go.

I even have the opening scene for my NaNo Novel.  It’s not much, but it’s gonna set the tone.

It’s gonna be hard to make it to midnight on Halloween, and not write a little something.

One thought on “Midnight in Rhandirmwyn

  1. I did something similar a few days ago. The vision was just too clear and out popped a couple of pages. I don’t think I’m going to use it for my NaNo as I like to stick to the “rules” but man, it felt good to not have to think or struggle as the character talked so clearly in my head.

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