Closer to the Edge

Okay, there is no need to panic come midnight on Halloween.  Because I have a location, I have something of a plot, and I even have a title.

Yes, my NaNo Novel, 2012 version, is finally taking shape.

This is what comes when you have strange forms floating about in your mind.  This is what also comes when you’re half asleep throughout most of the day, and you need something to kick the get-through-the-day level up just a notch.

I’ve had an idea for this story for some time, but in the last week, everything changed.  (Well, it is the 21st Century, right?)  I realized that for a second novel–and a followup story to Kuntilanak–I was reaching too far.  For what I had in mind, it was too big of a story.  Got that?  I was going for something too big, and big wasn’t what I needed.

I needed something a little like the first story, but not so small that it felt like a retread of the first story.  I wanted to set it in an urban environment, but the city where I’d imagined the story was too big.  I needed something a bit smaller, and if possible, a bit remote.

Then I found what I was looking for, and a couple of Google searches later, the threads began winding together.

This is the way I put the last one together.  It’s strange that when I know I’m on the right path, everything just seems to work for me.  I know people, I know, or seem to know, the local, and I know how things should go.  And I have the title, which is what I need before I start a project, because I’m nuts like that.

But the thing that’s tripping all my circuits, is that I’m excited.

Sitting down and giving Her Demonic Majesty a good edit, prior to sending it off to Harper Voyager, seems to have gotten the juices going again.  I started in on my Halloween story last night, but in trying to get an idea of the local I was in, I probably spent too much time looking around Google Maps, and not enough time writing.  I did about three hundred and sixty words, and maybe a total of seven hundred over the last couple of days, but that’s something I won’t have to type tonight and tomorrow.  It’s out of the way, and if the chapter runs over fourteen hundred words–well, I’m already half-way there.

The new novel is giving me a good vibe.  I feel like I’ll be able to get into it fairly quickly–I even have the prologue in my head, ready for 12:01 AM, 1 November, to click over and arrive, so it can get into its chapter card.

I’ve had this feeling before, but not for a while, at least not through the summer.  This last summer was a grind, and it tested me as a writer.  If I could get through it, feelings as I did, facing the stuff I’ve faced, then I can keep going.  I can keep writing.

I’m closer to the edge . . . of the insanity we know as NaNoWriMo.

I’m ready.  Lets bring it on.