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Bring the Witching Magic

The weekend is over, a last full week awaits, and then the last few days of The Witching Month are upon us.  October has been pretty good, pretty bad, pretty sad . . . but there has been lots of energy flowing, and change certainly is in the air.

The last few days have seen about every up and down that comes from writing.  Lots of editing, lots of blogging, a review, and then finished off Sunday night with a full-on burst of creativity by finishing the last chapter of my Halloween story with a thirty-one hundred word bust of energy that was fueled by Swedish gold.

Though that last chapter was slightly broken by a conversation I had with my daughter, who is looking to do some writing, and wanted to see what Scrivener could do for her.  I showed her Scrivener, I showed her a few of the other programs I use when I’m both writing, and getting my work prepped.  It surprised me a bit, because I didn’t realize she curious about how I write.  Then she told me, “I’ve got a project coming up, and I thought Scrivener would help me keep it organized.”

I believe I know of the project of which she refers, and for a burgeoning teen to look to ways to make her writing a bit more organized . . . yes, it made me proud.  So one of the things I need to do is get her computer set up with the same tools I use, just so I set her on the path of writing greatness–or, at the least, give her the chance to make things easier.

So lots of writing behind me, but not so much ahead.  The story for Halloween is done, complete.  It came to me Saturday morning as to how I wanted it to end, and that’s how I rolled it out.  For anyone who’s followed the late three chapters, the last might come off as a bit of a surprise, but it all comes together.  I’m pleased with how it turned out, and for a story that I was pretty much planning as I went along, I’m also a bit surprised.

Oh, and it ended up a few hundred words below ten thousand, so I can say, yes:  it’s a short story.  More or less.  I’ll call it one for now, though that’s not to say if I ever decide to edit the story, it won’t grow.

But I felt the writing magic flowing last night.  The music was ringing out, and my idea was set inside my imagination.  I typed on, and the words entered my program effortlessly.  And before I knew it, the story reached the end, and I looked down at what I complete . . . 3,139 words.

Yep, just like in the old days.  Give me about two hours, and a good frame of mind, and a great idea, and a story is going to appear.

Last night was the vibe I felt when I did NaNoWriMo 2011.  When I was pumping out three thousand words a day without issue.  My word count for last night’s story was close to two day’s work on the NaNo Crazy Train, and if I do that starting 1 November, I’m going to “win” somewhere in the middle of the month.

As before, though, there is no win unless there’s a “The End” on the last page of that manuscript.  But I’m setting my goals higher this year, ’cause the real win comes when I find an email in my inbox that tells me my novel is just too damn good not to publish, and he’s a contract for your consideration . . .

That’s the real magic.  That’s what I’m working towards.  There is no Zuul, there is only acceptance.

And I have studied.

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