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Starlight and Demons

Some people will ask “What does the future bring?”  I’m not certain I have an answer for that, but I do know it can lead to some remarkably crazy stuff.

Last night I was going over notes for a story idea I’ve had for a while.  I developed it about two years ago, during a creative writing class.  It was a fun class, because I met some interesting people, and I freaked out my instructor, who just didn’t get how science fiction worked.  At one point, it was necessary to write a two page rebuttal to her questions about a five hundred word scene I’d developed.

Some people just can’t ever wrap their minds around this stuff.

So I was updating some notes I’ve had for these characters, realizing that some things needed a radical changing because my ideas about them have changed in the last two years.  Some things about them I’d forgotten; some things needed a bit of fixing.  I resisted starting a time line, but that could . . . take place . . . today.  Why not?  It’s not like I have to prepare my NaNo Novel 2012.

But that took up most of my time to somewhere just south of 11 PM.  (Does time have a direction?)  After that, I decided I’d had enough to do for the day, and headed off to bed.

That’s when the strangeness came.

For some reason my dreams wanted to remind me that, one, I can get caught up in some crazy, criminal-like shit that would make Vic Mackey cringe, and two, I do all my work in invisible buildings.  They were also somewhat unsure what sort of work I did:  sometimes it was programming, other times it was teaching, and once in a while I was working with twenty-somethings to build projects for science.  (Or better yet, science!)  It went on like that for a very long time . . .

Then everything shifted, and suddenly I was at a party where Amanda Tapping was trying to talk me into going home with her.  Come to find out, she was a demoness, and she was looking to get her jollies on with someone who understood demonesses.  To be honest, Amanda made a pretty hot demoness, and she was talking to me in her Doctor Helen Magnus voice, so I was instantly in love–and what she was wearing did things for me, too.

Unfortunately, nothing happened.  It seems like every time the talk turned to heading to her place, I’d end up in a room in this huge house, and have to go looking for her.  This must be why I felt so worn out when I finally crawled out of bed at 7 AM.  I mean, seriously:  my body felt as if I’d ran a marathon.  Or spent all my time walking around a huge mansion.

I can’t tell why this happens to me these days.  Of late–maybe the last couple of weeks–my dreams have been coming on strange and vivid.  There also seems to be no letup.  I’m certain this has to do with my mind getting back into Imagination Mode, pushing aside the crap that passes for earning bill-paying cash.  By the way, kids:  don’t get into programming.  The lack of tedious repetition will eat your soul!

Two days, thirteen hours until NaNoWriMo.  Should I stick to my novel ideas, or think about other things–

Besides a demonic Amanda Tapping seducing me?

There are worse things, you know . . .

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