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Coralation Street

The weekend is over, and many things happened.  Oh, yes:  writing.  It was a lot of it, actually:  about seven thousand, four hundred words total.  NaNo Fever:  sometimes you catch it.

I won’t say I have it completely, because at this time last year I’d bested that total by quite a bit.  But never the mind:  I’m doing well, I’ll probably hit the NaNo total this coming weekend, and I’ll finish the novel before the end of the month.  Pat yourself on the back, honey, you did it again.

The funny thing is, I still have people who ask me, “What are you getting out of this?”  I was having a discussion with someone last night, and that was the question they asked–for the third time since November began.  Which is something that puzzles me, because are they just trying to make conversation, or is it they never listen to anything I say?

Yes, I’m spoken of this once already, but last night I just shook my head (which they couldn’t see, as this conversation was occurring over the Internet) and told them the same thing I’d already said twice before:  I’m getting the first draft of a novel, from which will come a couple of drafts, a final polish, and then submission–no, not that kind of submission.  I’m not writing erotica here, okay?

But that’s another tale for another time, and I’m off onto something more chapterlicious.  That is a word; I just made it up, so it must be real.

Someone else also asked me a question last night:  why is it that when it’s time for the blood to fly, then the writing comes quickly?  I think my answer made sense; it’s because you’re making it up, but you’re seeing it in your head as if it were something visual, like you have this movie playing in your mind, and you’re writing the novelization.

I’m very visual when I write.  It might not always show up when I write, because if you tried to put every insane detail in your mind onto the page, you’re no longer showing, you’re telling to the point where you don’t want to leave out a hangnail. I think that helped, because it allows your imagination to roam, and it help you decided what it is you need to tell within your tale.

I’ve said that I don’t like writing action scenes, because what you say is never going to match what’s playing in your mind.  But they can be fun, and if you want to get bloody, if you want to get violent–and you are getting into the story to the point where you make Micheal Bay look like an amateur, then the words fly from your fingers.

It’s happened with me–not in a while, because there are only a few instances where I’ve had to kicked major ass.  But when I have, it’s been fun.  Deep down a lot of writers like to bring the exciting, whether it be violence, or love, or action, or the sexy, and when we like it, we want to get it out as quickly as possible.  Because it doesn’t want to stay locked inside:  it’s like the Alien getting ready to burst out of your body, only not as messy.

So stand back, ’cause if you’re not careful, you’re going to catch a face-full when it come tearing out.

Which reminds me:  I’ve got a demon attack to write.

Get ready for the pain . . .

2 thoughts on “Coralation Street

  1. Good luck for what is left for NaNo 🙂 I hope I’ll finish my first draft in time too!
    Those people who ask us such questions… they just can’t understand how it’s like to be a writer. And being a writer… it’s wonderful! I also see my novel as a movie in my head and I just write all down!

  2. in a recent conversation about why I am a writer when I told them that I didn’t have any university degrees they lost interest – apparently only those with MFA’s in creative writing are authentic writers 🙂

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