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The Game Begins Anew

Okay, call off the Muse, I’m on the road now.  The road that leads to creativity, you know?

I was up early, probably 5:30, which I hate doing on a Sunday morning, because I was flat-out falling asleep at the computer last night about 10:30, and thought that I would at least sleep until seven or so.  But this wasn’t happening, because I had something going about in my mind:  a title.  Or the beginning of a title.  It wasn’t quite there, but it was trying to dig its way out.

I did a lot of thinking on the new story last night, but something came up in the form of an online friend who was having more than her share of issues, and I spent time with them.  But the characters were there, the ideas were there, the plot was there–all waiting for me to shit or get off the pot.

This morning my brain let me know the pot was tired of me sitting there.

I was on the computer before six.  I had Scrivener up not long after.  I put in the title that I’d come up with, set my title page, and got to work laying out my characters.  I created a card for everyone, and though I didn’t have a name for everyone, it didn’t matter, ’cause Scrivener has one of the best name generators built into the software, so I pulled up a few dozen names, exported them to a note card, then pulled out what I wanted and ended up with everyone who was going to grace the pages of the story.

Then I got to plotting, and with me plotting is a matter of putting down a chapter note card, and writing a small comment upon the cover.  It tells me what I need to know about the majority of what’s happening inside that chapter, but it’s up to me to fill in all the dots; it’s not a crutch upon which I hobble trying to lay out everything that should happen within the boundaries of the chapter.

All the while this was happening I was playing The Game, by Queen, at a somewhat elevated volume.  Not loud, but loud enough that it kept me pushing forward.  It’s also a short album, so if you want to get things done quickly, it gives you the impetus to get things in gear.  I also played It’s Late, from News of the World, because why not?  I can do whatever I want, right?

So with all this activity, what is the end result?  Glad you asked:

SA Start


There it is:  Suggestive Amusements, in its “To Do” glory.  It is in Scrivener and ready for the writing of words.  I’m a bit surprised by the size:  sixteen chapters is a pretty hefty piece, and I’ve already set the project goal to thirty-five thousand words, because this sucker is likely to hit that mark–if not more . . .

I say that because I feel there will be something missing from this story–said something being a bit more sex than I’m allowing for now.  Looking at those chapters, I know of at least three when the sexy is going to happen, but I feel I could change my mind and add a few more things before this is over.

The game is afoot–

Look out new year; I’m coming on strong.

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