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Six of One Down

Last night, after almost three hours of writing, I finished Chapter Six of Suggestive Amusements.  To say it was a chore is something of an understatement; I was tired, my neck hurt, and it seems like I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.  It felt like the time I had a concussion and life was just one Memento moment after another.

Now, where was I?

I’m up into early novella territory at the moment:  twenty-two thousand, seven hundred twenty words over six chapters.  Not a bad little word count, if I may say so.  If I work out my math this gives me a final count shy of sixty-five thousand words, but I know there are a couple of chapters ahead where that count is likely to get bumped even more.  If I had to make any kind of guess, I’d say this is going to end up somewhere around the seventy thousand point, which is not a bad point to be.

The more I get into the story, however, the more I wonder about the genre.  I’ve finished a good scene that followed the aftermath of sex, and ended up with getting into something that, as I put it into the computer, starting making me wonder just how nuts most guys are.  (No spoilers, because I’m really the daughter of River Song and I take after Mummy.)  But it’s not a story where sex is a big thing–even though the story my main male character is suppose to work on is going  to be a bit of erotica in its own right.

It’s also got a bit of a fantasy vibe to it–I mean, you’re watching someone who’s suppose to be a Greek goddess-like creature crashing your party and telling someone to get their ass to writing–but it’s not actually fantasy.  Oh, sure:  you’re going to see the muse talk with a sister muse over a cup of coffee, but it’s probably going to look more like Training Day than Fables, though I won’t rule out the swearing of the former.

It’s this lack of solid genre that sort of puzzles me.  To me, I’m only telling a story.  To people buying–and they will . . . they better–they want to know:  is it science fiction?  Is it fantasy?  Is it erotica?

To me, the question becomes:  is it entertaining?  ‘Cause if it isn’t, that means it sucks, and who wants to read this crap?

I’m of the mind that this story is going to be full-on epublishing material.  Oh, sure, I can shop this around, but I’m starting to think that if I’m going to have stories that fall into categories that seem to be all over the place, I might as well throw it up into the epublishing cloud and let people have at it.

For the record:  I consider this science fiction.  You have a writer, you have a muse, you have a woman who’s getting friendly with said writer.  And there will be some scenes of fantasy, and things that you can’t explain.

There is a place in the sun for this story.  It’s right over there, as a matter of fact–

2 thoughts on “Six of One Down

  1. I must give you credit for writing for hours and then writing extensively here as well! You are DRIVEN woman! Did you paint your Avatar?

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