Brighten Up with Tea

Oi, it’s Monday.  It’s snowy.  It’s cold.  It’s a good time to work out of the house.

You know I am.

The weekend was good, and though I felt as if I didn’t want to do anything, I ended getting a lot done.  I wrote, and did research, and looked up stuff on . . . yarn.  Yeah, really.  It’s a 3D thing.  But there was writing.

Suggestive Amusements finally saw my muse getting together with her sister, another muse, another creature who’s been around for what seemed like forever, and they’re in a cafe on the west side of Las Vegas sharing cup after cup of Earl Grey tea.  Not coffee, because these ladies have tasted some of the best coffee ever made, and as sister Talia states, American coffee tastes like “dead vulture ass”.  Hey, when you’re thousands of years old, you are allowed observations that a few people might consider vulgar–and they’re not going to give a shit.

But they are together.  They are starting to talk about their latest charges.  Talia has had words about what she did, and Erin is . . .  Well, I know what she’s going to do.  I just haven’t written that part yet.

This is where I feel the story coming together.  I pushed through the work place revenge fantasy, and now it’s family time.  It’s where I start to open up a little about how my ladies work, and think, and feel.  It’s where I take a couple of creatures who aren’t human, and give them a human face–because they have feelings, they have emotions.  They are real people.

With real issues.

You’d not be able to help it if you were in their place.  The one thing all of the ancient cultures got right, I think, was that their gods were little more than humans with incredible powers.  The Greek Gods were little more than X-Men in togas, and the Hindu and Chinese pantheons are full of individuals who might be found gracing the covers of a Marvel comic.  With great power comes great responsibility?  Naw.  My gods are more like, “Shit happens, and it wasn’t that much my fault, ‘kay?”  Real people; super powers.  Something’s always going to break.

I’m back in my good place with the story.  For a few days here I’d been feeling a bit down about how the story was coming at me.  I wasn’t feeling the love, so to speak.  I wasn’t feeling like the story was coming together, even though I’d said, when I started writing, that it felt like a great story.

But then I spoke to my Muse–yes, my real muse–and their observation was that I was trying something new, that I was going somewhere I’d never been before, and that was why the story and characters were feeling disjointed.  I always listen to much Muse–because I’ve ended up getting spanked when I haven’t–and there’s much truth in what they said.  Because when you head off into new, unknown territory, you’re never going to feel comfortable.  You’re always going to have a lump in your tummy that reminds you that what you are seeing is all new, all different.

Maybe what you need is a little down time . . . and a sip of tea.