Helping Through the Millennia

I have a sister, but we’re one of those sibling groups that’s not been the closest, which is putting it about as loose as one can get.  We’ve went years without speaking, and when we have, it’s been a lot of pleasantries and not much else.  We don’t share the same interests and we have different personalities.  If I really want to be blunt about it, she’s pushy and loud, set on getting her way no matter what.  She, with the rest of my family, live many states away, so having to be in physical contact with her is something that happens once in a decade, if that often.

It isn’t necessary to have any kind of meaningful conversations with her during this lifetime.  I can’t imagine what it’d be like if we had to coexist throughout a few thousand years.  It’d probably be painful–

It surely wouldn’t be like what Erin and Talia have.

My muses are into their tea, and getting deeper into their concerns for each other.  It’s obvious that they care for each other–as much as immortal goddess-like being can–and it seems as if Talia is not only aware of all the issues Erin has had in the past with her charges, she’s concerned she’s getting set up for another big hurt.

Ah, Sisterly Love.  You gotta wonder if they ever argued over whom was wearing whose favorite toga.

Chapter Nine is coming to a close, and then it’s into the double-digit chapters as I inch that much closer to the end.  I’ve pushed the word count over thirty thousand, and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s another chapter in this story, because I’m thinking Keith needs a bit of a spin out at work.  I think it’s needed because I feel a break coming on, the need to Keith to push off the last part of his old life as he heads on into the new.  Not that I would have done anything like that had I left my last position because I was working on a novel:  oh, no, not at all . . .

I’m not going for an extra chapter because I need to up my work count; I’m a wordy enough bitch without that.  But it’s part of the plot, it’s part of what makes the character grow.  And it also sets up the last couple of chapters, which are already there, are already going to be written–

All a new chapter does is add context for what follows.  Makes sense, neh?

Hard to believe that after a month I’m already at the half-way point.  The writing hasn’t been a steady as I would have liked, but I’m near that end, and I should get this story in around sixty to sixty-five thousand words.  Though I know one of the chapters will run a bit long, so who can say if I might not run longer.  By the time I get to the last few chapters, I’ll know for certain.

Maybe having tea with sister muses is helping my outlook on the story.

I should do this more often . . .