Springing Ahead to the Unknown

Last night was Break Night.  I read up on Blender, I down loaded some content control software, and I chatted with people who needed chatting.  The last two days of work had been a pain in the ass, I’d finished Chapter Nine late Thursday night, and I needed a break.  So break I took.  Today, I get back into the novel.  Chapter Ten, Muse and Keith start having words, then shit, as they say, gets real.

Talia is so going to be disappointed.

Even though I shouldn’t, I’m already thinking ahead to the next story.  I’m guessing that at the rate I’m going I’ll finish up Suggestive Amusements in about thirty to forty-five days, and then it’s–what?  What’s next?  There is always a story right around the corner, no?  So what comes next?

That’s a good question.  Because, at the moment, nothing is sparking my interest.

I’ve been on a pretty good tear of late.  If I finish this new novel in March, that’s two novels written in five months.  Kolor Ijo was almost seventy thousand words, and I have no reason to doubt that Suggestive Amusements won’t clock in about sixty-five to seventy thousand words, either.  One hundred and forty thousand words in five months, with two stories edited in the between.  Not a bad output.  And if you pop the sixty or so thousand words of this blog from November through February on top of that, we’re talking a lot of words for the last few months.

Spring time is the time to get the self publishing thing going.  I need to come up with a cover, I need to get one of my stories fully edited and ready to go.  Just as we talk about writers who don’t do much writing, writers who don’t publish as much are just as bad.  You gotta get it out there, you gotta get people seeing your work.  I write for myself, but if I’m the only one reading anything, then I’m sort of losing track of part of why I’m writing.

This is the next part of the plan.  I’ve stated I’d like to publish four titles this year, and I need to get to that.  Otherwise–I’m not making progress.  I’m the shark that’s stopped moving forward, and it’s only a matter of time before I start going, “Glug, glug,” and sink to the bottom of the ocean to be consumed by hagfish.

I will start on Chapter Ten today, get my wordage in, then I need to start looking at things to help me get a cover together.  I would hope to make a cover that’s somewhat better than these gems, but who knows?  I could become the Gielgud of Bad Cover Art, which isn’t that bad of a goal if that’s what you set out to become.  I want something a little better, however, and I will guaranty that any cover I make will not have a dragon, a kilt, or anything relating to Scotland gracing the image; I’ll leave those to the other cover makers . . .

Once more I have a plan.

Now to make it work.