Knowing For the One

Yesterday I was hanging with my crocheting buddies (yes, I have them, stop laughing), when I get this Facebook invite from The Queen of Crocheting.  (Which reminds me, I didn’t accept it.  I better go do that, because she gets . . . upset when you don’t.)  The invite was to make sure I join all the other crocheting buddies in watching The Walking Dead, tonight, when it returns to whatever channel it’s on (I know what channel it’s on; that’s called pulling your leg).

After that, The Queen–or should I just call her Queenie?–began engaging other members of the Crocheting Empire about the show.  People started asking questions about characters, giving opinions and such, and since I was there, I started pointing out some of the differences between what’s seen on the screen, and what has come before in the graphic novels.  This inevitably led to the comment that always comes in this case:  “There’s a book?”

Of course there is; let me tell you about it . . .

When we get right down into things, though, it turns out that I don’t watch the show.  Not that I haven’t tried:  I watched two of the first season episodes, and while well made, I couldn’t get into the story.  That’s just me; I either get caught up in things, or I pass.  It’s very rare that I fall back into things after initially dismissing them, though it has happened.

It was somewhere beyond the hour point of me laying out information for my hooking peeps (because I am totally Hufflepuff, and I was in a roleplay, my Annie and I, so bite it, Huffles Rule) that Queenie made the comment, “You know everything about the show, and yet you don’t watch it!”

Yup, that’s me.  Little Miss Know It All.  I’ve always been this way.

I’ve made my feelings about zombies known on this blog, so it should come as no shock that, right off the bat, I wouldn’t be into the show.  The thing is, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the original story.  And in respecting the story, I’ve wanted to find out as much about it as I can.  Robert Kirkman’s story is brilliant in its bleakness of society totally gone to hell, and not looking as if it’s ever going to climb out of the pit into which it’s fallen.  The characters seem real, the situations bleak, the violence real–oh, yeah.  There are also zombies.

I’m like this with a lot of situations.  I’ll find myself getting interested in something, and then I start my research.  I find as much as I can, then look for more.  If nothing else, I’ll find some reservoir of data I can latch onto and use that as my philosopher’s stone to help transmit knowledge from it to me.

Then I store it away, ready to use it when I least expect to bring it out–like, when my crocheting buddies start talkin’ zombies.  No, please, stop laughing . . .

Is this a good thing or bad?  Am I the sort of people who just like to have this information around so I can show off?  Or does it serve a greater purpose?  For as Queenie said, were it not for me, she might not have gotten into The Walking Dead as much as has.

Hey, if I help stir someone’s imagination in any way, I’ve helped the greater good.  That’s good enough for me.