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The Tarnished Ring

It came in the night, sneaking into my mail box like a virus trying to convince me it was really a cute video of a dolphin–and since I know dolphins are all a bunch of thrill-kill rapists, I won’t ever look at that mail . . . but I had to look at this one.

It was a message from Harper Voyager.

I knew what it was going to say the moment I saw it in my inbox.  There was nothing in the title that made me believe I was going to find a pot of gold inside.  So rather than play the guessing game, I opened it–and within was the rejection.  They’d read my novel, or at least looked it over, and decided it didn’t feel right for the Harper Voyager list, so thank you for the submission, and wish you well on your career.

As I told the two people I know the best right after I received this good news, I’d expected this.  Forty-five thousand manuscripts shows up in the HY inbox, and they were choosing a dozen, or perhaps a little more, so the odds of getting that brass ring were incredibly high.  I didn’t get it, so the world has come to an end–right?

The hell with that noise.

George Clooney is quoted as saying, “The only failure is not to try,” and that’s all the truth you need to know.  I wrote, I edited, I polished, and I sent the damn thing in.  It came back with a big “X” on the sucker, but it was marked.  The try was there, and Yoda can eat a flaming bag of cat poop for all I care, because o say you either do it or don’t is bullshit.  You have to go for it, to take a chance, and if you don’t, then nothing was accomplished.  You ain’t gonna win every time, and it does no good to bitch about how hard it is to, you know, write these damn things, and then clean them up and send them out.

So, the story is still mine; I don’t have to worry about an editor going, “Okay, there’s way too much lesbian stuff going on in this story, can you do something about that?” and throwing out an answer along the lines of, “I’m thinking orgy.”  No, it’s up to me to decide where Her Demonic Majesty is going, so I should start with the deciding, right?

What’s next then?  First comes the ebook formatting.  Then comes the cover–one that, I hope, does not land me on Bad Romances Tumblr, home of Objectified Scotsman Thursdays!  This means I want something that doesn’t suck, got it?  Once that’s all done, then up to Smashwords to take it place alongside the forced dragon breeding porn, then over to Amazon and get it uploaded for the Kindle.  Then promote, and do the interview things on different blogs, then I don’t know what, followed by profit!

Really, though:  that’s the plan.  Finish Suggestive Amusements, then get Her Demonic Majesty ready for self publication.  After that’s finished, then get Replacements ready for self publication as well, because why not have two stories up and ready to go?  And then . . .

You only win if you try.

7 thoughts on “The Tarnished Ring

  1. I agree Cassidy. I think i am doing self publishing also. I do have a list of publishers that take stuff with Lesbian in it.

  2. I’m tech and ‘puter challenged, but I really need to read your stuff. I have already invested heavily on your struggles as a writer, ha ha …. so, it’s gonna be an ebook?

    hey, fight-o ! !

  3. Very interesting but unfortunately a fact of life. Others with less talent seem to have more luck. But don’t let this discourage you. The sun sets but always rises on a new day. Treat every day as a new day with a new challenge. You will rise and be successful!

  4. First (oh and I think this will be a long comment)…I too ALWAYS know what the submissions department letters say before I open them….hell I can even feel, it see/read it form 40 miles away when my husband calls me to tell me one came in the mail. We call that intuition….or being psycho, er psychic. Anyhoo, That includes all the rejections as well as the as the one maybe I am anxiously awaiting on April to pursue.
    Second…misunderstand Yoda, you do I think. “Do or do not do”. You did. You are a success b/c you took all of the action to make an effort to submit a manuscript and you got a result. You found out what they are NOT looking for. And you can mark on your list one down. As my good friend Thomas Edison once told me “I have not failed, I have simply found 10,000 ways that do not work.” Congrats for being brave enough to find out what does not work.
    Third: (I am loving how inconsistent I am being with my punctuation) You are amazing. Seriously, you inspire me to write, more often than I would if I did not know you. You are the writer who makes all of us other wanna-bees know we are not close to giving it our best effort. That makes me honored to know you and subject to trying to siphon off some of that will power through a tiny virtual hose into my will-power tank. :oD
    Fourth: I know that from the events that have occurred for me lately in regards to my work, this moment will be one you look back on and think “Wow, now I know why that story didn’t go to Voyager.” I thought my book would be the focal point of my career, and instead it is my expertise in space and object arrangement for boosting our life energy that is the most sought after knowledge I have now.
    Away with the flow we go, happily, merrily, loving the fact that we are not afraid to be more than simply out of the box. That FEAR is not a part of any equation we come up with for our lives. And as we continue, we shine, we glow and we blaze a trail for others to easily follow into their own successful lives.

    Great Job Cass!!! xoxo AmberLena

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