Counting Out Time

If you don’t write, but you spend all your time thinking about what you’re going to write, is there a word count?  A great philosophical question, if you ask me.  But you don’t have to ask me, because I’m telling you–

Not really.  But it certainly feels that way.

I’m in the next phase of writing, which is doing a lot of thinking about what I want to write.  Camp NaNo is looming, and I’m working out the plot in my head.  It’s not easy, ’cause even if I do have a good start, I’m nowhere near where I need to be to start on a story.  But give me a few more days and I’ll have something.  I know I will–

Maybe I’ll even have a title.  Damn you, creativity.  Damn you.

So yesterday was a lot of thinking and playing.  I’m going over 747 designs, because I love doing that stuff, and I never realize just how many different layouts there are–and how few airlines actually use them these days.  But an Airbus 380–oh, jeez, those things are incredible!  Too bad I can’t use one, because . . . oh, I totally could, since they were around before 2011.  But I don’t want to go there, because I have my big airplane, and I’m going to stick with that.  Don’t get greedy just because you want something that’s going to look fantastic.

Then again . . .

(There’s a simple reason for using a 747 and not something like an A340-600.  It’s called, “Having a dramatic scene,” and there is only one way to pull it off.  Though . . . never mind.  I’ll figure it out.)

No matter:  I’m in design phase.  I’ve got my brain cooking and I’m coming up with things.  Next comes the writing down of things, and that will probably take a full two weeks of my times.

Then comes the writing.  Oi.

I’ve set my goal as twenty-five thousand words this time.  I’m thinking to do this as a start, then maybe finish things off come November, cause adding fifty thousand words and bringing my novel to seventy-five or eighty thousand words would be a good novel.  Yes, I know:  NaNoWriMo is suppose to be for “new work”, but in the words of one crazy person I used to know, “I make my own rules, NaNo!  You can’t tell me what to do!”  At least I write . . .

I have a condo to design today as well, and maybe work on another building.  I’m finding it easy to figure out how to write scenes if I can actually see something on my screen, and not necessarily just in my head.  I have Annie to blame for that, because she made me do that!

Speaking of Annie . . . last night my dreams were insane.  I was wandering about Paris looking to assassinate someone–no, really, I Was a Teenage Hitgirl.  Wearing Gothic Lolita outfits, too, which didn’t make me stand out too much, but apparently no one seemed to care, because I wandered the street and looked cute as hell–and ended up smoking someone, not sure who, but I totally did.

What was different about all this was at the start of my adventure I sent off a message to someone, and when I got back to my computer they replied to me, not in the handled I’d sent my message to, but with their real name.

The reply?  “Our love must be unbound.”

Sometimes my dreams surprise the hell out of me.