Here were are, together again.  Not only you and I, but my characters and I as well.  The dark clouds have blown away, and there is sun on the horizon.

Well, sort of.  It’s cloudy here, we’re probably getting rain, and tomorrow is going to be humid as hell.  But things are better for me, ’cause I’ve sort of pushed the depression away and gotten back into my sort of normal swing.  I’m almost ready for Camp–

Except they still haven’t put me in a new cabin.  Doesn’t matter.  I’m going to do it even if I’m in a tent in the woods, and I’m running my laptop off a solar collector.  Right now it looks like I’ll be hangin’ with camping buddies off a Facebook page that will be hidden from the rest of the people who hang out there bitching about the kids on their lawns while posting pictures of cats.  That’s fine with me, ’cause one of the reasons I dropped out of my NaNo Cabin was due to a post in the cabin chat that more or less said, “Hai, ho U doin?  Wha U ritin?”  No, no.  If you’re writing a story, you don’t get to speak like one of your characters.

Yesterday was a time for thinking, a time for getting names for my little novella.  I needed a list of people who exist at my school during the time I’ve set up, and it was a rather easy thing to do with the Name Generator in Scrivener.  I made the names, plugged them into the right character cards, then I went through and figured out who were the good guys, and who were the bad.  That’s important, because there’s gonna be some nastiness going down, and I had to know who was on what side.

Oh, and I went and created a death list.  Because . . . well, people are going to die.  Badly.  I’ve already envisioned how a few people, instructors and students, are going to die, and they’re not going down easy.  It’s going to be messy, it’s going to be ugly.  Characters aren’t going to look as if they fell asleep:  they’re going to look as if they were mauled by a lioness.  Death isn’t gonna come creeping in on little cat feet like the fog:  it’s gonna kick down the door and make itself at home.

I’ve never really gotten this personal with handing out murder.  Should be fun.

The only thing I need now is–wait for it . . . a time line.  There are going to be things that happen, and they will happen in a certain order, and I need to know when.  Since I don’t want to think this all out while I’m writing, I’ll plot out this thing first in Timeline, then I’ll work it out on a Scrivener card.  Or, better yet . . . since Scrivener allows you to write at any level you like, I may just set up several scene cards under a folder, and write what is happening for that scene, then organize them in something that looks like a real story.  That will be a good way to lay out the action, and if I want to add or remove something, then it’s a matter of adding a card, or deleting one.  Hell, I can write scenes that I think I may want, and not bother to use them in the final edit.

Welcome to my world, it’s gonna be interesting.