In the Forest, In the Mist

Oh, yes, I’m writing again, very much so.  Here it is, third morning of Camp NaNo, and I’m already past the five thousand mark.  That’s one fifth down and four fifths to go, but I know that I’m probably going beyond that.  But I sort of suspected that when I start.  Limits:  I know not what they are.

With the third day of Camp comes those who, it seems, are in need Sprinting is Magicof a bit of magic.  As you can see, Twilight Sparkle knows what you need–yes, she does.  That’s why they made her a princess, because she’s smart, and ponies like her, darn it!  She also has a lot of answers for those people who start out with good intention, and suddenly seem like they’ve fallen behind the curve.  There are times when it’s just a little curve, and other times when it’s Dead Man’s Curve, but they are behind it as we speak.  Are they going to sprint to the front once more?  Well . . .

I’ve gone beyond my first instructor-administration meeting, and moved to my students.  I told someone last night that the scene I was working on had three girls heading out to a remote part of the school–which is on a huge plot of land, so remote is possible–so one of the trio could show off her attempt at quick-fermenting wine using chemistry and magic.  Hoggy, Hoggy Warts we’re talking, not.

If anything, I so want the story to not be looked at with that yardstick.  This is my world, not something created by someone else, and I’m just a freakin’ tourist who happened to walk in, look around, and mumble, “I can do better.”

Then again, I’m a writer.  We all think that.

This first part feels slow, but that’s because I’m introducing characters, and showing people that things here are a bit different.  Particularly the scene with the students I just finished writing:  there are little moments that pop up that tell the reader that things here are different–which is something one of the students thought.  People like strange, and I will have it for all to enjoy.

In time, people, in time.

The feeling of getting things written for Camp NaNo is good.  I knocked off a thousand words this morning, from seven to nine, and I look at what I’ve done and I want to get back into the next scene.  I’m going to keep it short, I think, because I don’t want everything to be a couple of thousand words per scene.  The fourth scene could be long, too:  I’m getting a feel for it, I know what will be said, and it’s likely to turn into something wordy.

Oh, that will also be a scene where I had to look up something in real life.  Because my students get to and from school and town by public transportation.  Which is just another way of keeping my story a little Twilight Zoneish, because there are these unusual things happening behind this big walled-off area that shouldn’t be here, and the people there still taking the train into Salem to shop for clothing, or just to get the hell away for a morning.  It’s be so much easier if they just had some magical town right next door don’t you think?

Then again, this is happening in Lovecraft Country . . .