Geek Girl’s Lubricated Handbag

First off, you can get your minds right the hell out of the gutter, ’cause that title ain’t meaning what some of your think it means.  There’s a deeper meaning there, trust me.  At least I think there is.

It’s the Fourth Day of Camp NaNo–and you don’t know how hard it is for me to keep from writing “Band Camp”–and my word count has me close to kissing the borders of Novelette Land.  This I knew, because I’ve aimed for twenty-five thousand words, with a possible bump of the goal to thirty.  Why would I do that?  Because that’s how I roll.

I finished up the third chapter this morning, some time around nine AM.  I say “chapter”, but I don’t feel they are chapters as much as they are scenes linked together.  Some would argue that’s the definition of chapters, but these feel different to me.  I don’t know.  I’m probably spending too much time thinking about what’s what, and not enough time on putting the words into the computer.

After I finished that scene I moved right into the next, which takes place the next day and at the Salem, MA, train station.  I start out with one of my instructors coming back from an early morning excursion into town with a few students in tow, all of them arriving early enough to catch a little brunch and pick up a few things before hopping the 12:35 train back to the school.  Yes, my characters use public transportation to get to and from city and school.  They have Multipass.

In the course of opening the chapter I wanted the main character, who is an instructor, to speak with a student.  I knew the instructor, but the student was someone nebulous:  she existed, but that was it.  So I reached the part where they speak–

And thus was born Penelope.

She is an older student, into the super science the school teaches, but Penny likes nice things as well.  So even though she’s in Salem picking up lubrication and insulation–and what girl doesn’t?–she tells my main character instructor type female that she also got a cute handbag, and thanks for pointing it out, ’cause she totally wouldn’t have see it otherwise.

What does this mean?  It means that Pinkie Pie is happy, Pinkie Handbagas you can see.  But then, she’s always happy.  I’m sure she’d get a cute handbag, too, if she had the money.

It also means that I put a friend in the story–sort of.  One of the reasons I picked the name Penelope is that I happened to be chatting with someone, and they go by that name, so when push came to a shove and I needed to throw a name in the chapter–there it was, Penelope.  I also gave her a last name, and I did that by pulling up the Scrivener Name Generator, clicking the “Generate Names” button, and copying off the first name that I liked.

Since I also created this quick character sketch of a person who didn’t really exist before I put her name into the story, that means that I could also do something with her later.  As in, “Hey, she might just do something that could help out at the end of the story.”  Why not, eh?  After all, it’s my story.

If Penny wants to keep that cute handbag, she better dance for me.