Mood For the Day

What is that mood?  It’s bad, it’s ugly, it’s evil!

Or is it just Camp NaNo nearing the end?

The Scouring is into the downward slide now.  When I began working on my story yesterday, I’d written 13,843 words; by the time I’d finished last night, I found myself with 13,660 to go.  Weird symmetry:  you gotta love it.  Today I could end up with about eighteen thousand five hundred written:  tomorrow I should pass the twenty thousand mark.  According to my NaNo Stats, I should finish up this coming Saturday.

I’m past all the set up and now into the meat of the story, which is to say it’s killing time.  Big battle coming up, and I’m ready to start writing in things little scene by scene.  Or not so little as the case may be.  The “little scene” I wrote for the last chapter of Part Two of my story ended up being one word short of twelve hundred exactly.  I hope things are different with some of the scenes in this part of the story, but knowing me, it might not be so.

At least I know the weather; no need to look that up again.

I haven’t actually written action like this in a while, because the majority of the time I don’t have characters duking it out to see who’ll end up on top.  Probably the reason why I’m going to keep the action set up in little scenes that I’ll tie together when I’m compiling the story at the end.  Again, one of the things I love about Scrivener:  I can organize this section into chapters however I like.  Though I’ve a pretty good idea of when my breaks start, so I’ll start with that and edit where needed.

So, a few hundred more words in my current chapter, then a few hundred in another scene, and then another few hundred in the scene after that, and then . . .

It all turns to hell.  Or so I hope.

I’m looking at my layout in Scrivener right now, and I’m seeing the story unfolding.  I look at the descriptions I’ve written down almost a month ago, and I know that the twenty or thirty words that give me an idea of what should happen at those points are going to expand into something that will require so much explanation–

There was a question on the NaNo group this morning:  which genre would be the easiest to write?  While there are some genres I likely wouldn’t write well–mystery is one–I think asking which genre is the easiest to write is like asking which hurts more:  falling from one hundred feet, or falling from ninety?  Doesn’t matter, it’s likely you’re going to end up dead either way.

Writing is the same way, only without the death on your part–usually.  If you suck writing one genre, is it because you’re not suited to that genre, or because you suck as a writer?  The first story I ever wrote was a horror story, and it sucked.  Really, I wouldn’t lie to you.  My ex thought it was the greatest thing ever done, but when I think about all the clichéd crap I put in that tale, it’s was a wonder I ever tried writing after that.

I’ve written horror since.  Not because it’s a simple genre; I wrote horror because I had something to tell.  Also, I’m a much better writer now, so writing those stories became easier.

Work on your craft.  You’ll be surprised how easy things come–

Okay, maybe not that easy.