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The Wreckage of Our Stories

According to the notes and word counts I’m keeping for my current work in progress, The Foundation Chronicles, I’m 81.57 percent of the way to reaching my goal of thirty thousand words for Camp Nano.  As I’ve stated, the story will go over that mark, but I’ll reach my stated goal this weekend, or maybe next Monday, and I’ll sail onward and finish the story maybe a week later.

With that I’ll have another story in the mix, something that’s going to become–well, now I don’t really know.  The opening to a novel?  A stand alone story?  Maybe now I can write a series of short tales about people who exist in this world, and show my readers all the hell they go through.

There has been a lot going on in the story in the last couple of days of writing.  After weeks of building up the world, I’m in the process of, to use the technical term, blowing shit up.  My bad guys have started a fire with the intention of killing a small portion of the school’s student body, and a couple of the administrators have offed the doctor (no, not that one), and are preparing to burn down the house, so to speak.

I’m having fun with this story.

That may sounds like a strange thing to say, but this is really the first time in one of my stories where I’ve sort of cut loose and let the body count rise.  I sort of did this in Her Demonic Majesty, with various attacked and a few over the top deaths here and there, but there wasn’t any sort of mass carnage.  Well, there was when had a demoness turned loose on some poor souls, but a lot of that action took place off-screen, so with the exception of a few images of Succubus Killing in Action, you had to use your imagination to see what had happened.

Not in this current story, nope.  Hearts and heads have exploded, two people are eaten alive by fire, one guy takes the magical equivalent of a death ray to the face, and one bad guy is flayed alive by a student who uses a cyclone of dust and stone chips to create her own Mini F5 Twister of Death–which probably means that once word gets out about that little action, instructors will be hesitant to give her detention in the future.

World building is a process I love, but world destroying is pretty cool, too.  With death and destruction all around, there’s plenty of chances for heroism and sacrifice, and both are going to appear in some detail.  Actually, that’s coming up next, right after I have a couple of ladies who are enjoying a midnight snack of homemade ice cream deliver an ass kicking that gonna leave their attackers reeling.  Do not get between a woman and her ice cream and berries, losers!

The real truth here is that I’m having fun.  I’m also thinking about what I’m going to do next, which is how most writers work.  The current project is close to finished, so what’s next?

I know what’s next.

You just have to wait to see what it is.


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