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Sight Not Seen

It is true that if you can’t see, you can’t write.  I was like this yesterday, with my eyes burning up from some irritation that was making it nearly impossible for me to do anything but complain about how my eyes hurt, and dab water on them most of the day to keep the itching and burning manageable.

I don’t believe it was allergies, but rather I rubbed something into my eyes the night before last (that would be Thursday, for those keeping score at home), and it took a day for it to flush out.  Today–eh, I feel better, though the connection here at the local Y is pretty much crap.  I can get into some sites (hey, that’s almost like a vision joke), but only if there aren’t a lot of pictures, or a lot of streaming.

Though it wasn’t as if I didn’t write anything yesterday.  There was the blog, and then a review I did for a game, and then almost eleven hundred words on my Camp Nano story, which is about a low as it gets for me.  Up until now I’ve been doing about two thousand or so a night, but with my mind distracted by having to blink through fire every so often, I couldn’t get out the words I wanted.

Ergo, I hit a point over a thousand where I said, “Enough,” and shut it down and went to bed.

Even so, with all the things I worked on yesterday, there was about twenty-five hundred words written.  I’m going to try and up that total today, but there’ll be a lot going on later today, so I’ll be busy and probably not on the computer as much as I’d like.  Or maybe I’m wrong:  maybe I’ll be here doing things as I like.  With less burning eyes and a sore finger.

We’ll see.

I did find a point last night to think about another article to write, and that notion, while not so great, expanded a little more in today’s morning light.  I may not get to it today–maybe not even get to it on Monday–but I will get to it by this time next week.  It’s not because I write these amazing articles that I want to write another; it’s because I like writing them.  There are also times when I actually have something to say, and it gets people thinking, and that’s always a good thing, too.  Not to mention that I’ve had a couple of my articles get linked to other sites, and that’s exposure, and that’s always a good thing.  Or so I hope.

Someone asked the other day, “How do you write when you’re suffering from a cold?”  I wanted to say, “Not very well,” ’cause it’s the truth.  I’ve written with the flu, I’ve written with fevers, I’ve written when I felt like I was going to fall over where I sat.  I once fell asleep in my chair while taking “a break” from whatever it was I was penning, and woke up like an hour later.

Is it a good thing to keep writing when you feel like you should lay down an recuperate from whatever ails you?


But when do I ever listen to my own advice?

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