Lammas Word Harvesting

Happy Lammas, everyone.  Today you should have your wheat harvested and your bread a-baking, and get that sucker blessed and put in the corners of your barn.  Or you could just head down to Panara and pick up a loaf of rye and cut out the middleman.  I love rye; maybe I’ll pick up some today.

Yesterday was one of getting things laid out for my three dimensional mapping, and helping people.  Mostly it was mapping, because I’m having fun with it, but somewhere about four PM I realized that I was mapping out the whole place, and if you’ve seen my maps, you’ll know that “whole” covers a huge amount of ground.  I’ve laid down most of the buildings, but there are a huge number of tunnels and paths that are in need of plotting.

At least I have the lakes in place.

Today, however, I want to return to editing.  While I have things to do during the day, this evening I’m going to pull out Couples Dance project and set up the story for a good polish.  That means reading each chapter a couple of times, and probably finding someone to look it over as well.  Because–editing!  And I want this published by the end of September, which means I want it nice and clean.  A lot cleaner than Her Demonic Majesty, which still has little bugs here and there that I’m fixing as they come to my attention.

Yeah, this is the way publishing goes.  Lots and lots of work.

I’m still considering submitting this to a house for publication.  I believe there is a market for this story, though I could write erotic tales of fairies, there’s always that.  But back to my story . . .

I’ve performed one edit on the story already:  that happened when I was stretching it into novel form, because the original version was just short of being an extremely short novel, and it was suggested that I add a couple of chapters and make it so.  Fortunately I saw where those chapters could go, and said words went into those places.  (This was also the first time I used Free Mind to map out one of the new chapters, because I wanted to see if my ideas made any sense.)

Because it’s in a Scrivener project file, it’s easy to pull out the last version of the story, save it, and continue editing, knowing that should I get too crazy with the chopping–which I almost never do–I have a point to which I can return.  Another great thing about Scrivener, and one that others should use.  It’s also fun to go back and look at your past glory, and see if you’re getting better with your craft, or if you’re only moving the ice buckets about the Titanic.

I won’t stop on the school grounds layout, but it’s back to writing work.  Oh, doesn’t sound like it?  Editing is writing–it’s just different writing, as Trusty Editortm tells me.  Whatever it is, it’s Day One to getting another story published.

Please Stand By.