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Stepping Into the Big Dance

No, it wasn’t my intention to edit a little over eight thousand words yesterday.  But things happen, right?

After writing up yesterday’s post I pulled up Couples Dance and began looking at Chapter Six, the midway point of the story.  it’s the first “big” chapter in the book, going just over eight thousand one hundred words.  One could consider it a bit of an info dump, but I like to think of is as more of a “Mr. Ullman Moment”, named in honor of Stewart Ullman, the manager of The Overlook Hotel in The Shining, who tells Jack everything he needs to know about all the nasty, horrible crap that happened at The Overlook back in the day.

That’s pretty much what happens in Chapter Six.  One of my main characters wanted to learn about the notorious past of his house, he has a secondary character look this stuff up, and here it all is, dude, just like you asked.  It’s a fun chapter, even though they talk about death and misery, and maybe a little . . . naw, not going to give that away.  I had fun writing it–

I had more fun editing it yesterday.

I’m rereading everything, trying to not only catch errors, but rewrite things where needed.  I wrote this novel over a year ago, and there’s many things about my style that has changed since–not to mention that I know a bit more about this game than I did in the first three months of 2012.

In the prior five chapters, all ten thousand four hundred fifty words, I’d found mistakes, changed up a few lines–even deleted paragraphs.  Oh, noes!  Yeah, I started cutting things, but don’t get too bent out of shape, the cutting wasn’t that bad.  When it happened it was because things either needed cutting, or some major changing.

Since I had other things on my plate yesterday I figured I’d do about a third of the chapter, maybe half if I was in the mood, then do the rest today.  That was my plan–

My plans have a habit of going to hell quickly.

I get into the chapter, and start reading and writing and editing.  It’s coming along rather nicely, and I feel none of the ennui I sometimes get when I’m editing, because lets admit it:  editing feels a lot like having to eat those vegetables you don’t like.  It’s a necessary bore at times, but you do it because you must.

By the time I finished that first entry, I’d looked at maybe three thousand words.  Maybe.  Not sure, but I do know I’d cut about fifty words from the chapter.  Then it was off to do other things–

Last night, after eating and a few other things, I decided, “Hey, I’ll give it a look, edit a little bit,” and started working on the chapter about six-thirty PM.

About nine-thirty I was finished.  As was the chapter.  All edited, all nice and clean, more or less.  I found mistakes, I deleted fluff, I rewrote lines that needed rewriting.

Now up next:  the crazy sexy.  I love it.

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