Foggy Morning Blogging

I would say this is the first early morning in the new place today, but yesterday was much like last night.  I fell asleep early, about ten PM, after a few hours of edits and watching Breaking Bad, then was up at like three-thirty in the morning.  Toss and turn, then fall back to sleep, then toss and turn some more until I finally decide to crawl out and face the day.

It’s foggy outside; the first fog I’ve seen in a while.  I know it’ll burn off soon, but it’s strange to not be able to see the mountains out beyond my window.  Though it’s more than I see normally from the Real Home.

Today has all kinds of uncertainly for me.  I check out the new route, which is loaded with construction.  I check out the new job, which could be great, or could suck a ton.  I get into the new routine, which could be as boring as the last routine, and the one before that.  I’m hoping that’s not the case, because I don’t want to fall into the same trap I had back at the Job From Hell, which was depressing and soul sucking–but is, at the moment, going through so much bad shit that I can’t help but smile a little and hope the right people are getting heat from a blast furnace.

In short, I don’t want to feel as if I’m wearing myself out.  I want a lot more than that.

One good thing I that over the course of a couple of days I managed to edit about seven thousand words out of Chapter Nine of Couples Dance.  Big chapter, and with the edits comes some cutting and some adding.  The adding has one so far, and while I don’t believe the chapter will end up around ninety-eight hundred words, it’s going to be close to ninety-seven fifty.  I have a published story as long as this chapter, but I’m so much better at editing now than I was two years ago when I wrote that other story.  The process seems to flow these days, and doesn’t feel as if I’m getting teeth pulled every time I sit and read something.

I have to count that as a win.

This week I’ll start rounding up beta readers, because by this time next week edits should have finished, and it’s time to put eyes on this mother.  Warn people that there are parts that will be freaky, but I don’t want to know if they found the story disgusting, or too strange–I just want to know where it needs tightening.  I know it’s strange, and I know there are some parts that are over the top, so no news there.  What I need to know where the errors are, because I want this clean before publishing.  I don’t want to publish, then fix, then publish again . . . then fix . . .

Then comes, “What to do next?”  Well, I know that answer, but I’ve not spent any time thinking about that story.

I’ve too much happening now, and it’s got me in a fog . . .