Dawn’s Early Ideaing

Things hit us in the most usual way.  Get five and a half hours of sleep, wake up feeling relaxed and semi-aware, and that’s no telling what’s going to happen next.

In my case, I have an idea what might happen next, but at the moment it’s only in the formative stage . . .

I wake up as I also do, early, because I can’t seem to sleep in to save my life.  I went to bed about midnight, which I didn’t expect as I’d been wake for almost twenty hours, and a few hours before I felt as if I was going to collapse.  Have a good dinner, though, and get to chatting with someone, and you find your second wind coming on strong.

Nothing special going on, nothing out of the ordinary happening.  No sudden flashes of inspiration that make you go, “Hum.”  Off to bed and into dreamland . . . which, I must say, was not that great a thing.  Last night’s dreams sucked, and I could do without the nonsense that filled my mind.  There was nothing there that I wanted, and less I’d want coming true.  So no inspiration what so ever, move along.

Up I was, lying in bed, and considering what I was going to do today, and . . . it hit me.  I started thinking about something that, at first, didn’t have a name.  It didn’t even have a character, but there was a scene that stuck with me, and the more I thought about it, the clearer that scene became–

Within five minutes I knew who the main character was, and what other main character would join her, and why the scene I imagined was happening.  I got up and started getting ready so I could run over to Panera and begin blogging while I enjoyed a tasty breakfast with coffee, and my mind ran with the idea.  By the time I was finished with all the little things I do to get the day started, I knew most everything about the story, and by the time I had my makeup in place, I had my title.

I’m rather proud of myself, ’cause I came up with something new in about twenty minutes, and I really do know this idea is a short story–probably the shortest I’ve ever written.  I have some editing to finish up today, and I want there to be the possibility that I’m going to write this sucker today.  I keep saying that it shouldn’t take long–a few hours, maybe?  It’s just doing it.  And I have felt like “doing it” since finishing my last story edits.

This will be too small to sell online, so I’m considering posting it on the blog for all to read, and perhaps linking it to another blog for the people who go there.  It’d be a nice little experiment:  a quick story, put together on the spur of the moment, and written in Fast and Furious mode.  Not to mention it allows me to show a couple of my favorite characters being–well, themselves.

Hey, sometimes it’s all about those little moments that move us forward . . .