Asleep on the Drum Kit

I’ve a little bit of the shakes this morning, probably due to a drug interaction from last night.  It’s not too bad–I’ve had worse, you can believe if I say so–but it’s still a little disconcerting, because there is much I need to accomplish today before I can switch into glide and enjoy the weekend.

Last night was not without the strangeness, however.  I woke up about three in the morning with the vocal bridge from In the Cage running through my head, and I could have done without that.  When I fell back asleep I began dreaming that, first, I was cuddling on the sofa with someone I knew, the two of us in our robes enjoying something, I’m sure of that–and then, I’m crashed out on the floor right next to Phil Collins’ drum kit.  Must have been during the Invisible Touch tour, because he wasn’t at it, and Tony’s keyboards were back up front on stage right, and the music sounded like it was from the late 80’s period.

Yes, I do know these things.

Before heading off to watch Project Runway I was doing a lot of Google Street View of some of the areas in northern and central Alaska.  Yes, you can do that:  in fact, if you are bored and you have lots of time on your hands, you can drive State Road 2 from Fairbanks to the Dalton Highway–also known as State Road 11–and proceed on Dalton into Deadhorse, right up to the gate leading to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields.  I didn’t do it all like that–most of the time I followed overhead, but I would stop and look around.  There’s not a lot to see but wilderness, and some of the street views show very spooky looking clouds and lighting.  It’s only of those things that gets your head moving in the direction of things that not only go bump in the night, but that run around raising hell and tearing up the countryside.

Not that you’d ever know there was something like that up there . . .

I’m in that phase where I have an idea that pleases me, and I’m running concepts through my head.  Characters, places, situations:  it’s all going on.  I haven’t done this in a while, not like this, and it’s sort of refreshing to feel the imaginative flow happening once more.  I’ve not got a lot down right now–I only came up with the idea the other day, remember?  But give it another month and I’ll have something a little more solid.

Speaking of solid, I have to start plotting out my NaNo Novel.  Yes, I will give it a try, but I won’t try to write eighty thousand words in thirty days, as I’ve done before.  This time it’s fifty in thirty, and I’ll finish the novel in December.  This gives me two months to plan it out, and perhaps edit some other things as well–and publish at least more thing.  I wanted to do four this year, but it’s looking more like two.  Of course, if it’s two novels, then I’m all that much more happier.

I’ll try not to sleep on the drum riser, either.