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Time and Too Much

Last week in the hotel, and it’s starting off bad.  Too much on my mind last night meant tossing and turning most of the evening, and this morning I feel the pressure to get so much done today.   Emails and phone calls will shoot out today, and the way I’m looking at things I may take half a day Friday just to get everything done that needs doing.

For I have items to pick up and get into place.  I’m shooting to get my furniture delivered on Thursday, and today I’ll know if I’ll have an internet blackout in the apartment come Friday.  Yes, it’s likely I’ll be working out of internet hot spots for a few days while the monopolistic provider decides to get someone over to do their thing.

Did I mention you’ll actually be able to see my place from Google Streeview?  You can, but you gotta look up.

Moving twice in a month, and this move across town is more stressful than getting out here.  The first time it was drive and rest.  This time I’ll probably be busy right up to the moment when I’m in the place Friday.  At least I found a nearby Target and J. C. Penny’s.  Ohhhh, more nail polish!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about writing.  Yesterday I took a short ride–well, not that short, probably drove sixty miles when I was all over.  Headed south along the river and past Three Mile Island–yeah, still there, still cranking out the power–then shot over the river to York and then back up to The Burg.  I thought about things, about stories and characters, but I’ve thought about these things so much I can’t seem to get anywhere with it at the moment.  I have some editing to finish, and after that comes the move, and once I’m in place is when I can think about the story that’s coming in November.

I know what that story is, but there’s something lacking:  something in the plot.  Once you get past the magic of what’s happening, once you understand the rules, what then?  What’s going to keep people reading?  I believe I have the answer, but it involves moving things in the story time line around a bit.  This I can do because I can.  My story, and the characters will just have to like it.  What are they going to do otherwise?  Find another story in which to hang out?  Ha!

If The Con doesn’t get me wired up this week, I’ll start plotting out the time line.  I’ll order some tunes from Amazon, throw the CDs in the computer, and kick it old school–if 1995 is old to you–and work on my NaNo.  When I’m finished with that, I’ll edit another story.  When I’m bored with that, I’ll load up and head over to Strawberry Square and cop free wifi to do my updates.  And when I get home and I need relaxing, I’ll go out on the balcony and watch the sun go down.  And think of a girl I know who could sing me away.

Maybe this is the start of a great week . . .

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