Fear Prepping

This is the point in the writer’s story where it becomes apparent that she thinks things won’t go off as planed . . .

The Big Move Part Two is upon me, and by this afternoon the new place should have my furniture and cable internet installed.  I say “should” because we know thing never go off smoothly.  Furniture I know will be there.  Internet . . . I’m testing that this afternoon after work, when I return to pick up my entry fob and my parking spot.

Tonight I hope to sleep as soundly as I did last night, then I finish my packing, check out of the hotel, drive my things over, unload, and go to work.  Then pick up the few essentials I need for the apartment, unload and set up, and then eat.

Maybe by seven or eight PM I can return to editing, or play with characters.

Either way, I’ll be sleeping in a new spot Friday night, and if I’m in the Internets, fine, I’ll be happy.  If not, I give the cable people a call and see if they can come in for a do-over.  I’m not going to sweat this.  Getting your fear up over stuff that you can’t control is ultimately going to mess you up, which is why I haven’t slept well the last week.  You do what you can, then you let others do their thing and hope it’s all good in the end.

After my inner discussions last night, I’m reaching the point where I want to start work on my next novel.  I know I’m not suppose to do anything until November, but I fear I’m getting the writing urge now.  Maybe it wold be a good time to get out another story and get it edited, maybe even formatted for publishing–it’s feeling like that now.  All the big concerns about the rest of the year are out of the way, I’m ready to get into my other work.

Then again, I still have some world building to do.  I’ve got terminology and other things that need defining so I’m not making all that shit up along the way.  Plan, write it down, put it in a file in the novel project, and have it ready to go come a minute after midnight 1 November.  That’s how I’ve always done it in the past, so don’t go changing now.

One of the writing blogs I follow put up a post yesterday, where the writer said he did six months of research on his last novel before writing one word.  I haven’t quite gotten to that point, unless one considers that this novel I’m going to write had its genesis over two years ago as something completely different, and I’m now getting to where I’m making it my own.  Before you know it, the book will get optioned and it’ll be turned into a crappy movie with teen pop stars of the moment.  And they’ll get Kristen Stewart to play the headmistress–I wonder if she can really do a French accent?

To get to that point, though, I have to write.  And before I can write, and I to prep.

No fear, baby.  No fear at all.