The World Defined Small

Well, first night in the New Place, and I can’t complain.  There are some noises here that I didn’t have in the hotel, but nothing that kept pulling me awake.  I woke up once in the middle of the night, stubbed my big toe hard enough against the lamp that I almost knocked it over–and chipped off a good amount of nail polish–went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until it was six AM on the nose.  Then up, clean quickly, then off the six miles to Saturday Panera Blogging!

The move is in the bag, though I need to roll by the hotel this morning and see if they found the robe I left behind.  I know, flighty.  But I like that robe, and it’ll come in handy with the weather turning cooler.  Plus, I hate my own stupidity.  Duh.

With that finished, it’s back to working on stories and getting my editing finished.  Editing is near the end, and I may wrap that up today.  As for working on stories . . . it’s all about the world building.

For my next novel I have a lot of technical terms I need to define.  And by “technical terms”, I mean I need to define my own rules for magic and powers and mad science–yeah, I called it that–and note what it’s all called in my world.  I did this with Her Demonic Majesty, and there’s a lot of that stuff going on in this book–even more when I start getting into the location of the independent facilities run by the mysterious Foundation, and the public places that we know about, but are unaware they are also part of the network.

Not to mention I have primary, continental, and regional headquarters to define . . . yeah, it’s a lot of work.  But it’s fun work, ’cause world building is something I truly enjoy.

Normally I wait until October to get this mojo rising, but I want to have as much of this in place before getting into the October Stretch, and spend the time before NaNo working on other things.  Also, I want to finish my world building, let it sit a bit, then look at it again before saying, “Yeah, it’s cool,” and ramping up the novel.  Plus there’s the little thing of getting things plotted out, but I’m close to that now, so I believe I have the story figured out.  More or less.  But it’s there in a raw form, which is better than nothing.

There is it:  my work for the next two and a half months is laid out and waiting.  All that remains is research, note scribbling, and getting this sucker written.  As Neil Gaiman says, “How do you do it?  You do it.  You write.  You finish what you write.”  Pretty simple advice, and more true than you’d imagine.   Many start, few finish.  And if you don’t finish, you have no story to tell.  It’s that simple.

All I need now is to get through the weekend, and get on the Downhill Slide.

It’s gonna be fun.