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Storyboard Express

Editing is history.  I managed through many pages of text, did many changes, and sent the manuscript off for review.  That’s done; now, there are things for . . .

It’s time to pull The Foundation Chronicles off the external drive and load it on the laptop, then start laying out the things that need laying out.  No plotting yet, but I need to get the rules right.  What rules, you ask?  Well, let me tell you . . .

The biggest thing I need at the moment is a lexicon.  I did this for Her Demonic Majesty when I needed terms for magic, mages, vampires, their rules bodies, all that stuff.  I wanted it so I’d know how people talk when they spoke about the head of all the magical people, what they call non-magicals, what certain things were called–it comes in handy to know these things ahead of time, rather than waiting until you need to come up with a word and then spending time thinking it all out.  When it came time to do the NaNo Write, I had that all laid out and after a while the terms became second nature.

In my new story magic not only exist, but there abilities that some people just have–one could call them “powers”, others might call them “mutant powers”, others might call them “Super Stuff”.  Whatever, honey, I need to get it all cataloged and categorized, so I don’t stumble about while having a character explain what it is a student just used to blow down a wall.  (And, yes, some will do that.)

Something like this is very important, because it builds the world where your characters live, and makes that world believable to the reader.  It also allows the writer to have some fun with existing tropes, because I just thought of something my chemistry instructor can say to her students–it’s a good thing I developed her into something of a snarky smartass.

Today, however, I think my biggest challenge is to develop the locations of my different, world-wide facilities.  I already have a few laid out in my head–one near Edinburgh, another in Valparaiso, Chile–and the location of particular headquarters–Paris, Amsterdam, London, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco.  Besides the school there aren’t a lot of these places (I mentioned the number in another story which I can’t access at the moment), and with headquarters we’re probably talking fewer than sixty locations.  These days I can even get a Google Map of the area and paint my address on the screen.

This is something I’ve already given a lot of thought to, but I haven’t, as yet, put it into notes and made it “real”.  With November now six weeks away, it’s time to get cracking on the note taking and the world making.  Given that I’ve probably given this story more thinking time than I’ve given any other story, the world should come into focus quickly, even if there are things I’ll throw into notes that will never see the light of day.

Which means it’s like the real world–but who’s to say my word isn’t real?

2 thoughts on “Storyboard Express

  1. how have you been Cassidy? I see your posts and wonder. I read them and think of all that gets unsaid as well as said. I hope you have been well and that things are going good for you too. Take care and have a great week. Miss talking to you. Take care!

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