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Around the World Through a Dream

The weekend is over, the week begins, and there are things to do.  I did a lot yesterday:  I ate, I walked, I edited, I did my research.  And I watched meth makers go on the lam.

All in all, pretty normal.

I started in on my research yesterday, bringing up The Foundation Chronicles and setting up a location folder for the different areas I have to name.  There were four that I knew off the top of my head, and the locations of a couple of others that I knew existed, but I needed to come up with names and nicknames, and that takes a little bit of brain work.  Not that I don’t have the later, but when you’re roaming the world in Google Maps, looking for interesting places to set up your world, you find places that make you go, “Hummm.”

I found my location in Australia because there was an airfield one hundred and eight kilometers from the nearest big place, and the railroad used to stop there once a week and help out the miners who lived there–at least until 1996, when the train stopped and people got the hell out.  I found my location in Japan because I found a lovely spot on a mountain pass, and found a road tunneling under that pass, then found another road that was nothing but tunnels and curves, and I had to follow it, see where it went.  In Russia I found an open pit mine, then another, then another, then the oil and gas fields in Siberia, and the city that I used was placed close by because it would make sense that my Foundation would have helped exploit those fields without the Soviets knowing they were being helped.

It went that way most of the night:  think, look, imagine.  I discovered earlier that I’m only an hour from the town that more or less was the inspiration for movie portion of Silent Hill, and I’m thinking of heading up there next weekend.  I start thinking about locations in the far north, and I start seeing roads and I want to follow them.  It’s the distraction from curiosity that gets me going, and it’s not a bad distraction, because anything that has you thinking and wondering is good.  I’m about half way through my list–I need twenty names for training facilities–and then it’s on to headquarters before going after a few research and development locations.

Then it was off to sleep, where the strangeness happens.

I had a very long, unpleasant dream.  It wasn’t a nightmare:  it was more a “Why are you torturing me so?” kind of dreams.  I was at the wedding of a person I know, a person I like–a lot.  She also knows this, but was getting married to some guy because–well, because.  There were a few moments in the dream where we talked, but we always talked around the thing that was between us, though you could tell it was there in the way looks were exchanged, word were said, even body language.

There was no Hollywood ending in the dream:  it just stopped at some point without resolution.  That woke me up and allowed me to lay in bed for maybe twenty minutes before falling back asleep and having another dream–

One that shouldn’t ever be mentioned again.  Oi.

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