Schools Are Me

Though I found myself following roads that seemed to go nowhere–I just love doing that–I finished my first goal in the world building for my next novel.  It only took a couple of nights–yay!  Or should I say . . . huuuuuuuuhhhh–yay.

Someone asked to see the list last night, and I saw no reason not to show them, so seeing as how this is out in the open (sort of), then I can show you.  Without further ado, here are my training facilities, their locations, and what people call them informally:


Salem Institute of Greater Education and Learning
Edinburgh Institute of Magic
Valparaíso Sociedad de Ciencia Avanzada (Valparaiso Society For Advanced Science)
Thunderhead New Power Systems
Hem för Winter Draken (Home of the Winter Dragon)
Hayasaka Pass
Serov Training and Development
Dawson Creek Science Center
Centro de Estudios Especiales (Center For Special Studies)
Petrin Escola de Estudos Mágicos (Petrin School for Magical Studies)
Baikonur Space Science Center
Hale Keshen Compound
Tai Kwan Tsuen Industrial Research
Gulack Institut Keyakinan dan Pemahaman (Gulack Institute of Belief and Understanding)
Vesuva Investigative Research
Te Awamutu (The River’s End)
Sky and Summit Observatory
Kellenberg School for Gifted Development
Le Fortier’s School for Girls

Known As

Dragon Home
Out Loon
Department 62
Alaska Gate
Tech Pec
Todos Santos
The Cosmodrome
Tai Tsuen
The Vee
River’s End
S and S
The Girl’s School


Cape Ann, Massachusetts, United States
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Valparaiso, Chile
Mossel Bay, South Africa
Fatsjön, Sweden
Loongana, Western Australia, Australia
Hayasaka Pass, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Serov, Russia
Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Tehuantepec, Mexico
Salvador, Brazil
Baikonur, Kazakhstan
Temara, Morocco
Hong Kong, SAR, China
Cirebon, Java, Indonesia
Hyderabad, India
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Granby, Colorado, United States
Reiselfingen, Germany
Dijon, France

What remains on this list is to enter the date of foundation, and the total attendance.  For some of these coming up with a year is easy–Baikonur was founded when the real Baikonur was founded, so getting the date is simple–and the attendance?  Well, I have a good idea on all those, since I stated in my last novel for The Foundation the biggest school, the next biggest, and what the others could handle.  Needless to say, once you get back the top three on the list, the number of students dwindles rapidly.

Don’t let the monikers of “magic” and “special” alarm you:  I have all that in my story.  These people are out an about, hiding in plan sight, but there aren’t a lot of them.  A friend asked last night, “How many of these people are there in your world?” and I told them about ten thousand world wide, not much beyond that.  Salem is probably the largest collection of these “Aware” in the world:  three hundred or so in one place at one time.  Not even the headquarters in my story have that large a population.

That’s because humans, normal humans, are a strange bunch, and you have to walk among them like The Silence and manipulate them from the shadows.  Otherwise, they’re coming after you because some wonky ass in a blue box rigged the most watch telecast in the world to tell people to kill you on sight.  Too bad for him the people in my story had something to do with that telecast . . .

There we are:  I’m on my way.  I’m all over the world, on every continent save Antarctica–or am I?  Seeing as how The Foundation has research centers around the world, it’s always possible there are a few down there, and up in the north as well.

Maybe I’ll call it The Mountains of Madness.  Seems fitting.