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World Headquarters Are Us

Getting the locations of where my next world is run was sort of finished up last night.  And by, “Sort of”, I mean that I figured out where most everything actually went, with most everything collecting around cities you’d expect.

There are three different level of headquarters in my story.  First off, you have administrative.  There is a world headquarters, then continental headquarters, and then regional, and two “Special Administrative” headquarters.  Three of the four were mapped out:  I need to go back and get my regional locations, because you’re looking at anywhere from two to six additional places per continent, and I want some nice places for that.  The U.S. is easy:  I know I have one in Boston, so that covers that.  As for everywhere else–well, it’s a big world, and there’s a lot of cities.  Time to farm it out.

The other two sets of headquarters?  I have two levels of policing in my world.  You have your normal line of self policing, and then . . . there’s the people you turn to when shit gets too real.  The first level is good:  the next level are your double-o types who are gonna give you that dead eyed look before they smoke someone’s butt with the flick of a wrist.  These people have their own people who give them their marching orders, responding up the chain of command to their regional headquarters, who in turn report to the folks at the top of the administrative headquarter.

I laid out those locations as well, picking a couple of places where it could seem unusual to have a headquarter, but I put it there anyway, so nah.  It’s my world, and I’m god there, and my characters dance to my tune–which, at the moment, happens to be ELO.  The point is, however, that I got this figured out, and the main stuff is pretty much done.

What remains, you ask?  I have the regionals to do, which shouldn’t be a huge amount of work, but you’re talking maybe twenty-five to thirty offices per HQ group, and that’s leaves seventy-five to ninety cities to report, and that’s going to take a few days to figure out.  Most are going to be easy, as you look at a country’s capital and slap something there.  I already know a few regional offices, because I’ve thought this out, and already thought of where some of my people are going to call home, but were talking like three places total.

Still a lot of work ahead.

The good part is that I’ve already done so much for this story that once I have this part out of the way, I can pretty much kick back in October while others are starting their NaNo Scramble–or not, because some people are gonna be rebels and write by the seat of their pants and . . . well, after a couple of years and three NaNos (two Novembers, one July camp), I know where a lot of folks are headed.  As I’ve stated I’ll hit my fifty, but I like won’t finish the novel until December.  I’m good with that, because I won’t have the time to write three thousand words a day, I’ll have to settle for sixteen hundred to two thousand at night, and instead of finishing a seventy to eighty thousand word novel in under thirty days–as I did the last two NaNos–I’ll write seventy thousand and change in six, seven weeks.

The important thing is getting it finished.  To do that, I have to start . . .

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